TR4IN vs G__G - Clan War Tier 8 - Himmelsdorf

TR4IN vs G__G - Clan War Tier 8 - Himmelsdorf

Thanks Born_Flail for sending me this was a great replay that I could really analyse as it had both good and not so good parts.

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  • John Harmon

    LEL! This was my tactic for ages and i showed it to guys in QSF-L and QSF-S and then some of them like born_flail moved on to make TR4IN :D Nice to see my tactics are being used lol :-) Im_A_Bob have you ever seen any videos of my own tactics being used in previous campaigns?? we have them up on youtube, would like to show you :-)

  • Alexandru Gheorghe

    As in for the tactic.. they rushed to shoot on the hill.. they only caught 2 is-3 and a ltwt.. the hole point of that tactic up on the hill is if they have 50 100s(and G_G had) is to kill those... oh well.. I guess this tactic isn't for everybody...

  • ACED

    The old QSF-S members ;)

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