World of Tanks || It's GODZILLA

World of Tanks - Type 5 Heavy. Today Kebote is playing in a tank that inspires fear like Godzilla in the enemy team!

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QuickyBaby's FAQ


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code "QUICKYBABY4WOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!
  • valentine Anonymous

    In spite of everyone says, it does pay off to actually aim. Just clicking will give you a massive 90 dmg on a very strong turret. Hitting between turret and hull will give damage into the top hull, getting about 400-600 dmg. Yes its easier, yes its killing off people who side scrape you (mwahahaha) but its soooo much fun

  • DrSkruv

    Omfg the zoom in and out is so fking annoying.

  • Yooka laylee

    i like how the waffle 4 did the same as the afk lowe lol

  • Vic C. Jr.

    STOP telling Wargaming how to nerf this tank....dang you!!!!

  • Vjeko Bašić

    Fuck japanese heavies and whoever plays them can get cancer.

  • Jason Azbell

    Meanwhile in wargameing HQ "we need more tanks!! What about the type 5 heavy? Genius let's give it a 150mm gun with over 250 millimeters on its front. That sounds like a great idea...


    One of the sweatiest players and the type of player that ruins the game because they’re that bad they have to pay to win. There’s nothing amazing about this but just a person in a broken OP tank using premium ammo how sad.

  • Rapu Fanatyk

    godzilla is one Fv215 183

  • 悲しい一般人(´;ω;`)

    Waaaaaaaaaaaa! >p</// It's GODZILLA!!!!!

  • straight forward

    Fuck all type 5 heavy faggot players

  • Paul Treslove

    Be careful! You start the game and are given the 'destruction opium'. After that you will have your ass kicked as you face premium tanks. This feeds on inadequacy and makes the less aware players feel obliged to pay more and more money for a premium vehicle. Then, when you have a premium tank you will be given 'destruction opium' for your new tank. Then you will have your ass kicked by better premium tanks. You see where this is going...

  • Aiden Tan

    when i see tanks like this i would be like "fuck this shit im out"

  • YouTuneIt

    An entire line based on derp guns and ending in t5 t10 Heavy tank shooting HE only for good DPM as standard ist just bad design. Derp guns basicly ignore the major aspect of the game, aiming and weakspots. That you can hit weaker armor for even more dmg with this gun is just even more idiotic. E.g. youre in a Maus and the T5 shoots HE at you without aiming at the front and doing reliably about 500 dmg ....

  • TheEsotericZebra

    this is what i hate about the game. People like kebote can basically pay to win by buying nothing but premium rounds. Its especially egregious when other players use premium rounds to negate all the armor tier 10 heavies have. Whats the point in even getting a heavy if people can just use pay to win rounds to ignore its armor?

  • UltraSmurf

    Oh..... iets gozirra....*inhales* HANAKU SINDERU

  • Wouter Broekhuizen

    Is this a mobile nuclear missile launch platform?

  • Robi_CK

    Not OP at all... 6 min into a game when he gets damaged for the first time with like 10th shot? And only cause he was fired at the side with gold round... While he himself has nearly 8k damage. Gj WG, more of these

  • Kurt H

    All the alpha and anti-armor of a derp-gun, but with higher accuracy, a full turret, and impressive armor. With complete p2w prem shells. Tier X sucks.

  • Borghesi tanck

    server of bastards jews , World of Hackers , flock of hungry money

  • Robin König

    really bad play by the type 5 at the end

  • Bob Kamachi

    PC seems like crap, tier 8 vs 10 what the hell is that?

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    You might despise the premium shells but we all know you're using them

  • Gamings Inc

    Pay💰 to win for 13X more damage per shotBuying hacks to be simple....

  • AKHIL Pillay

    2:17 Quickybaby be like dafuq

  • Gert Vossen

    ive got the type 5 myself and they should give it 1250 damage on the normal rounds with 75pen en a "gold" AP round with 950 damage and 200-230 pen a bit like the kv2 with 85mm pen and 910 alpha but 700 damage with 136 pen on the kv2 it seems quiete balanced

  • Josef Stalin

    How is that a 152.4 mm gun? It does way more than every other 152 in the game

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