World of Tanks || It's GODZILLA

World of Tanks - Type 5 Heavy. Today Kebote is playing in a tank that inspires fear like Godzilla in the enemy team!

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QuickyBaby's FAQ


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code "QUICKYBABY4WOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!
  • Brandon Gore

    it's basically a much heavier armored fv215b 183

  • E Shark

    this is my favorite tank

  • Fandom Art



    Forces you to spam prem at them because they lack frontal weakspots.They do damage to you regardless of their aim or whatnot.Retard proof tank.

  • UltraSmurf

    Oh..... iets gozirra....*inhales* HANAKU SINDERU

  • H&G HQ

    Omfg the zoom in and out is so fking annoying.

  • Supaa Dupaa

    Japanes heavys and arty are cancer of WOT...

  • AKHIL Pillay

    2:17 Quickybaby be like dafuq

  • Mettaton E.X.

    mumbling Fuckinggoldslingingscumbag...

  • Jordan Fry

    Love that botting Lowe lmao.

  • Green Person

    they just need to remove premium shells

  • WakeUpDead

    Hey watch the 40yr old man comments!

  • Kevin Babbz

    I hope they nerf this pos tank into the dirt

  • Jason Azbell

    Meanwhile in wargameing HQ "we need more tanks!! What about the type 5 heavy? Genius let's give it a 150mm gun with over 250 millimeters on its front. That sounds like a great idea...

  • YouTuneIt

    An entire line based on derp guns and ending in t5 t10 Heavy tank shooting HE only for good DPM as standard ist just bad design. Derp guns basicly ignore the major aspect of the game, aiming and weakspots. That you can hit weaker armor for even more dmg with this gun is just even more idiotic. E.g. youre in a Maus and the T5 shoots HE at you without aiming at the front and doing reliably about 500 dmg ....

  • Kys K

    I watched a 1minute ad without skipping for u QB

  • Balazs Orban

    Im really sad wg doing that

  • Connor Willis

    This tank is soo idiot proof.

  • corey

    Best tank in game took out E100, E100 jagtiger and and IS-7 and even all 3 toghter were not enough to take on the type 5... with gold rounds anyways

  • Gamings Inc

    Pay💰 to win for 13X more damage per shotBuying hacks to be simple....

  • Tlpcamaro

    I like how I soloed a type 5 in my 4202

  • Sandor mandor

    If you pen a type 5 heavy with a ter 8 in the front then baby Jesus will get you a Xbox.....😂

  • Storm Morgan

    i like how the lowe at the end got almost as much exp as the centurion even though he just sat in the base entire game XD

  • Fanni H

    The best tank for fun. Put the female crew into these jap HTs. The look of the tank and the female japanese voices make it so funny. :D

  • Gamer C.J.

    Type godzilla 5 heavy😆cool😄


    casually damaging the turret of an is 7 with a HE for 300,hell why not? here people the most OP tank in the game :)

  • Vjeko Bašić

    Fuck japanese heavies and whoever plays them can get cancer.

  • Gimme The Loot!

    Finally a tank that can bully the russian bias tanks!

  • Mingchen Tang

    how WoT re balance the vehicle: change hp, fake more on the armor and gun WT re balance the vehicle: adjusting tier ranking and MM.

  • Kallux Blu

    i cant be the only one that thought type 5 had muzzle break in the thumbnail

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