World of Tanks || It's GODZILLA

World of Tanks - Type 5 Heavy. Today Kebote is playing in a tank that inspires fear like Godzilla in the enemy team!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  • MystiKasT

    World of tanks has become a clear gash grab game iwth ehavy Pay2win elements

  • TROPIC Agario and more

    I was hoping he died I hate Japanese heavgs

  • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    so....long story short. The tank is busted as hell?

  • Jeremiah Bugaj

    I'm really late let me make a joke:WOT being fair and balanced.

  • Jimmy Jackson

    I fucking knew that Austin Powers scene would be used.

  • cheng matthew

    my gun has 460 mm penetration lol

  • Grease

    Real life: " japanese tanks are fucking shit! "In-game: " japanese heavies are fucking op! "

  • matthew brown

    UCHUUUUU SENKANNNNN type 5 heavy

  • MrHeki2

    Lol me an QB made the same face at 2:16

  • DAB Agar

    At 2:15 i started cracking up laughing at his face xDDD

  • David Chapman

    he forgot to mention the KV-2

  • KalLanPIDT

    I put a spall liner on my Pz7 and eat type 5 for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • Crazy Chicken 123

    Lol aaaaa itz godzilla!!!

  • Filipe Matos

    Girl mess know donor administration chain entry.

  • Supreme Soviet

    I think the new nerf coming out shouldn't be coming out and lowering the armor of this tank. I think they should remove these premium shells instead.

  • Kkopel

    Wen MS-1s saw the Type 5 Heavy they scremed: GODZILLA!!!!!(Then a apears) Thats not Godzilla thats Godzillas his RC car

  • Sebashbag Miller

    I sure as heck didn't see the giant reptile or a Nissan GTR this entire vid, idk why it's titled "Godzilla" . Fuck u qb

  • TROPIC Agario and more

    This is cancer fuck japenese

  • Raphael Grosjean

    I hate this fucking stupid nervous aiming players do...

  • witse jacobs

    if you shoot under tanks with a bad lower plate you do a lot more damage

  • Josh Ford

    they have to nerf this stupid tank

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    What were the codes?

  • just a bush


  • Scitimar

    eleven hundred not a hundred and ten QB

  • Nishanth Reddy

    I have a Type 4 Heavy and I don't like playing with it because all the tanks it faces are sure to fire premium ammo and not all players who have Type 4 and Type 5 fire premium

  • MBT 266

    you only show us ace tanker replays< i want you to show us how you die first in a battle like a noob

  • WantonCrawfish

    what is that camofluge how can i get it????

  • TheSpijkert


  • TheSnazzyComet

    Nice Austin powers reference

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