The Mud Hates These Tanks: US M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle + M1 Abrams Stuck in Mud Being Recovered

Impressive video featuring the M1 ABV's (Assault Breacher Vehicle) demonstrating all their capability.

At 3:50 you can see a Leopard 1 ARVM and a M88A2 Hercules armored recovery vehicles recovering a US Marines M1A1 Abrams stuck in mud in Norway.

Video Credit: US Army, US Marine Corps ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail Credit: Pearson Engineering , Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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  • TechOver UrLife

    in soviet russia the mud shovel through the tanks

  • 1961casey

    what is the point of an armored bulldozer in an active battlefield? The video does nothing to explain its purpose or the challenges it is supposed to address.

  • Corazon del Oro

    please tell me that these machines aren't building trenches to protect infantry from direct fire.I do like the automatic staking device.

  • Rem ko

    Let me get you in on a secret, the mud does not give a shit...

  • bien cruz

    ... why not use militarized D9 heavy bulldozer for this job?... M1 Abram was made for combat assault...

  • Samuel Belay

    what's the mpg on this bitch?

  • Qitong Chen

    They are loud as fuck

  • Pizo Le Marteau


  • Lemons

    You see Chad, there can be no minefield if you remove the field.

  • defiraphi

    These engines sounds so light compared to Diesel Tanks from the WWII surely German Tigers or Panthers had a great sound . Here these modern Tanks engines sounds ridiculous to me , it doesn't make my stomach feel good .

  • David Hunt

    Shit they are amazing

  • Mike Sokolow

    Amazing the military can bypass epa regs and silt fence mandates


    and Russia hates our carriers, cause they only got 1 and its a pice of garbage

  • Fred Is Dead

    WHOA I WANT ONE OF THESE! where can i buy one cheap?

  • NocFA

    >American military, Money can buy anything.

  • Centaur Lord

    so this is how the military plows a field. nice.

  • John Carneal

    Put a stubby cannon on it

  • Pizo Le Marteau


  • PacificCircle1

    How Trump will have them deal with a rare and endangered groundhog!

  • naribeswat

    and you can sell the sod afterwords

  • omar ruysch

    guideline bias love asizx chin ideal patient.

  • TrYhArDnUb 2.0

    looks great for farming

  • Daniel Barkholz

    what the U.S military does when not at war

  • Raiders INC.

    Traffic jams have never been easier

  • Ed Ropper

    Remind me of earwigs yuk

  • Jagmeet967

    great for shoveling driveways!

  • hold mag beer 11

    are those boxes on the turret of that earth mover armor??

  • jeb rill

    anyone know what the rise able cover on the top back of the dozzerz is for ?

  • Michael Stiemsma

    are those just reflective markers that its shooting into the ground ?

  • ZerqTM

    well at least you can use these things for plows not just starting endless and pointless wars that just kill people for the pure purpose of making arms dealers richer and distracting people from how corrupt politicians are.

  • Drew

    pretty sure you can rent these at Home Depot

  • Kyler Janovec

    Russians five minutes in

  • Paul Betka

    Shouldn't we have them onthe Mexican boarder ?

  • RealityHurts923

    Fuck those things are loud. So much for stealth and element of surprise.

  • ikonane

    What was the last tank doing?

  • Dave Glasgow

    warhammer 40k IS real

  • Tissue One

    Todd Hoffman and Dave Turin would love these Tanks for moving Over burden.

  • vannarith sin

    I like this song so much.

  • covertyankee

    In the voice of a lispy liberal- "it's just another tool for the alt-right to cause more global warming, can you imagine that things carbon foot print?"

  • Qitong Chen

    Do these have the Iraq thing the Abrams got wait they wouldn't need it in Iraq

  • Skylos Foxtrot

    Civie:Oh you are in the military, what do you do?Soldier:I play in mud with a tactical bulldozer.

  • Jackson Anderson

    What's the purpose

  • Mark Shepler

    add an olympic size swimming pool of water and see what happens

  • Markas Rowman

    SHOULD TEST with true muddy water soaked or day AFTER hard rain, then ONLY then U can brag about mud hate this. Ground is still relatively dry n WHAT about monsoon season like Vietnam or India or EVEN N. Korea where US Army fought that unforgiving true muddy monsoon FULLY rain like hell n snow with ice rain? Can it be perform in that TRUE unforgiving situation, then U can say Mud hates this tank, otherwise, ONLY half or LESS proven, case closed.

  • Dustin Grisham

    wow!! u moved some dirt!! my life is fulfilled.

  • Myke Commodore

    hey instead of building a wall along the mexican border let's use these to dig a trench

  • Rebecca Cobo

    in ww1 and ww2 they could have used these tanks to dig the trenches instead of the shovel dug ones!!!

  • Paul Racine

    why don't you just put that " shovel head"on the tank( the one with the cannon)?.. kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

  • Filip Kiko

    0:48 What is that thing around the 50 cal barrel?

  • ShinyToilet


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