The Mud Hates These Tanks: US M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle + M1 Abrams Stuck in Mud Being Recovered

Impressive video featuring the M1 ABV's (Assault Breacher Vehicle) demonstrating all their capability.

At 3:50 you can see a Leopard 1 ARVM and a M88A2 Hercules armored recovery vehicles recovering a US Marines M1A1 Abrams stuck in mud in Norway.

Video Credit: Fred Brown, Timothy Lutz, Junius Stone ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail Credit: Pearson Engineering , Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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  • lancer D

    I'm choosing to believe that the microphone couldn't handle the awesomeness and that's why they sound like the little electric r/c cars.

  • Beyond Good

    I need a tractor like that

  • Boštjan Korelc

    to bi mogla imeti slovenska vojska slo army

  • The Snowman

    Issue reported:Spam or misleading > Mass advertisingTimestamp selected:3:01Additional details:

  • Darkheart Demon

    When you thought is was clicked bait

  • squerd slim

    Or drop two with a sileser in the middle

  • gmf iq

    landscaping tanks genius !!!

  • Philips. Jacob

    This new invention is useful instead of a bulldozer

  • Philips. Jacob

    But how about the mines?

  • Andrew childress

    Digging for fun or making a trench s

  • smith roy

    So what if a mine gets stuck in its tooth? Who will tooth pick?

  • S Dew

    mud cant hate anything, mud = mud, you must be a american!.so you put a snow shovel on a tank.. congrats! you are brilliant......

  • Brett Merchant

    That would be fucking fun as hell to ruin your neighbors lawn with one of these.April fools!!!!

  • ABOsahar DJ Upper Egypt Sound❶

    ar thie tank can Fly???

  • Wiwied Waled

    buat bajak sawah mantab

  • Liono liony

    Get a tank stuck? Get it unstuck with this one weird trick, Mud hates it!

  • Norman Buchanan

    no worms or gophers were harmed during this exercise

  • Steve Aussie

    Omg these blokes can't operate for shit. Put someone who's operated a dozen on one and I bet you would get a different result.

  • Laidback Lub

    Where's the gun?

  • Chris Thomson

    Why wud u need this though

  • Robert Blake

    Wow! Over 2.2 million views and over a thousand comments. I can use up an entire day on this kind of stuff. Comments-- often PRICELESS!

  • squerd slim

    One going In n the other one out

  • squerd slim

    N have two chopper up in the air to distract them

  • Chris Carson

    Why not just get a Cat? This is dumb.

  • jack tarr

    sorry no use on a flight deck,, next !

  • Little Bull

    Reminds me of Homer (Mr Plough)

  • Deckie Deckie

    That dumb "soldier"(?) shouldn't be standing next to the towing cable ....if it snaps....

  • Sandy Sutherland

    Fucking environmental vandals!

  • blipco5

    Great, a ten million dollar bulldozer. What will they think of next.

  • Bill McCuistion

    Let's hope the terrorists don't use these to drive into crowds of holiday-goers.Although could be useful to clear protestors blocking lawful traffic.

  • basant vimal sharma

    All these fancy gear and seventeen years old in Afghanistan may be another seventy years and America still stuck in Afghanistan and iraq.many American presidents changed but Afghanistan and Iraq are like magnetic fields.cannot let go.

  • Laarni Gutierrez

    how many type of war vehicle is in there

  • Larry Littrell

    I believe that these are used for mines. They have extra armor on the front.

  • squerd slim

    Or how ever u see it

  • 5149111

    whats the top hatch for?

  • Steven Esparza

    An M1 Abrams with it's wenie cut off

  • Travis Lundberg

    why is this so satisfying to watch

  • Eric Reed

    God I hated having the mine plow on the front, it made it to heavy in the front.

  • Cleo Vidrine

    Hey cut that shot out I just cut that lawn last week

  • Canadian kid

    Farmer's used to by surplus TANKS to pull plows....

  • Desint Printworks

    Sounds remote controlled.

  • NoName

    I think mud hates Excavators and big dozers the most ^^

  • KeepinItDank

    Legend has it, one of these things murdered a whole platoon of Taliban soldiers and buried them all at once afterward

  • Alexander Tate

    digging trenches or fox hole

  • Borut Goli

    what's that thing on the end when a rocket with a rope is fired? Some sort of AP fragmetation weapon?

  • Ron Watson

    Pardon me for asking, but why are they rutting up the ground ? I can understand taking down hills and leveling washouts for access, but why level ground ?


    Doctors hate this remedy

  • James M DeLuca

    Looks like the perfect tools to make short work of tearing up the poppy fields in Afghanistan!

  • jaime fernandez

    USA army awesome !!!

  • Jake Wood

    Thire moms are gonna be pissed they better fill all that back In beafor they get back

  • ali37

    Just right for that bit of "landscaping" you been meaning to finish ! Hehe

  • FullSpectrum Survivalist

    Well that's a new one on me, when did those tanks get a MICLIC device on them?

  • 莫敵

    I love ABRAMS M1A2 Main Battle tank GOOD TANK(>﹏<)

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