The Mud Hates These Tanks: US M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle + M1 Abrams Stuck in Mud Being Recovered

Impressive video featuring the M1 ABV's (Assault Breacher Vehicle) demonstrating all their capability.

At 3:50 you can see a Leopard 1 ARVM and a M88A2 Hercules armored recovery vehicles recovering a US Marines M1A1 Abrams stuck in mud in Norway.

Video Credit: US Army, US Marine Corps ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail Credit: Pearson Engineering , Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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  • Qitong Chen

    Do these have the Iraq thing the Abrams got wait they wouldn't need it in Iraq

  • Paul Betka

    Shouldn't we have them onthe Mexican boarder ?

  • basant vimal sharma

    All these fancy gear and seventeen years old in Afghanistan may be another seventy years and America still stuck in Afghanistan and iraq.many American presidents changed but Afghanistan and Iraq are like magnetic fields.cannot let go.

  • PacificCircle1

    How Trump will have them deal with a rare and endangered groundhog!

  • Raiders INC.

    Traffic jams have never been easier

  • Jackson Anderson

    What's the purpose

  • robb maier

    us engineering the best

  • Desint Printworks

    Sounds remote controlled.

  • Markas Rowman

    Ya, NOTHING impressive about it. Entire plain is snowy, muddy, n keep on heavy snow, ground gets more softer n tons of this monster weight will SINK further deep. Muddy is won n always win n mud will win U dumb bas?

  • Sandy Sutherland

    Fucking environmental vandals!

  • Tim Lipinski

    Nice trench for the troops to fight from behind ! Put a Shipping Container in the wide trench for the start of a nice bunker. tjl


    Doctors hate this remedy


    and Russia hates our carriers, cause they only got 1 and its a pice of garbage

  • Steven Esparza

    An M1 Abrams with it's wenie cut off

  • vannarith sin

    I like this song so much.

  • lancer D

    I'm choosing to believe that the microphone couldn't handle the awesomeness and that's why they sound like the little electric r/c cars.

  • Deckie Deckie

    That dumb "soldier"(?) shouldn't be standing next to the towing cable ....if it snaps....

  • Mike Sokolow

    Amazing the military can bypass epa regs and silt fence mandates

  • Skylos Foxtrot

    Civie:Oh you are in the military, what do you do?Soldier:I play in mud with a tactical bulldozer.

  • David Hunt

    Shit they are amazing

  • TrYhArDnUb 2.0

    looks great for farming

  • Borut Goli

    what's that thing on the end when a rocket with a rope is fired? Some sort of AP fragmetation weapon?

  • Darkheart Demon

    When you thought is was clicked bait

  • Geoffrey brown 11

    are those boxes on the turret of that earth mover armor??

  • Liono liony

    Get a tank stuck? Get it unstuck with this one weird trick, Mud hates it!

  • Paul Racine

    why don't you just put that " shovel head"on the tank( the one with the cannon)?.. kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

  • Jake Wood

    Thire moms are gonna be pissed they better fill all that back In beafor they get back

  • Boštjan Korelc

    to bi mogla imeti slovenska vojska slo army

  • Young Dagger Dick

    Why does the title sound like som add for a fake product? Like doctors hate this pill click here to see what it does type shit.

  • 1961casey

    what is the point of an armored bulldozer in an active battlefield? The video does nothing to explain its purpose or the challenges it is supposed to address.

  • jack tarr

    sorry no use on a flight deck,, next !

  • Eric Reed

    God I hated having the mine plow on the front, it made it to heavy in the front.

  • NocFA

    >American military, Money can buy anything.

  • Canadian kid

    Farmer's used to by surplus TANKS to pull plows....

  • Dave Glasgow

    warhammer 40k IS real

  • Ron Watson

    Pardon me for asking, but why are they rutting up the ground ? I can understand taking down hills and leveling washouts for access, but why level ground ?

  • Norman Buchanan

    no worms or gophers were harmed during this exercise

  • Cleo Vidrine

    Hey cut that shot out I just cut that lawn last week

  • ABOsahar DJ Upper Egypt Sound❶

    ar thie tank can Fly???

  • NoName

    I think mud hates Excavators and big dozers the most ^^

  • Steve Aussie

    Omg these blokes can't operate for shit. Put someone who's operated a dozen on one and I bet you would get a different result.

  • Chris Carson

    Why not just get a Cat? This is dumb.

  • Wiwied Waled

    buat bajak sawah mantab

  • Vusi CThobela

    power to M1 Assault breacher.

  • IP Freely

    hey instead of building a wall along the mexican border let's use these to dig a trench

  • Laidback Lub

    Where's the gun?

  • Qitong Chen

    They are loud as fuck

  • 5149111

    whats the top hatch for?

  • John Carneal

    Put a stubby cannon on it

  • Markas Rowman

    SUCH still relatively dry land any dam bulldozer can carve out that round dirt, but ONCE hit true watery n muddy n add to insult, heavey rain down pouring, heavy snow like crazy LET SEE how this muddy killer will work? Hell no, muddy killer will get killed.

  • Bill McCuistion

    Let's hope the terrorists don't use these to drive into crowds of holiday-goers.Although could be useful to clear protestors blocking lawful traffic.

  • The Snowman

    Issue reported:Spam or misleading > Mass advertisingTimestamp selected:3:01Additional details:

  • Laarni Gutierrez

    how many type of war vehicle is in there

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