TOP 10 Best Tanks In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017 -=HD=-

TOP 10 Tanks In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017 -=HD=-
Here is a selection of the 10-11 best tanks in 2017 (world of tanks - мир танков):
1. T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank (russia) - танк т-14 армата
2. t90 ms (russia) - танк т-90 мс
3. leopard 2 (germany) - tanks leopard 2
4. m1 abrams (usa) - tanks m1 abrams
5. challenger 2 (united kingdom) - tanks challenger 2
6. altay (turkey) - Altay tankları
7. merkava mk 4 (israel) - המרכבה סימן 4
8. amx leclerc (france) - réservoir Amx leclerc
9. type 99 (china) - 坦克 類型99
10. c1 ariete (italiy) - serbatoio c1 ariete
11. k2 black panther (south korea) - 탱크 k2 검은 표범

1. T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank (russia) -
2. t90 ms (russia) -
3. leopard 2 (germany) -
4. m1 abrams (usa) -
5. challenger 2 (united kingdom) -
6. altay (turkey) -
7. merkava mk 4 (israel) -
8. amx leclerc (france) -
9. type 99 (china) -
10. c1 ariete (italiy) -
11. k2 black panther (south korea) -
  • drdimov

    GERMANY , GERMANY - uber alles ! SIEG HEIL ! - from BULGARIA !

  • The TOP

    TOP 10 Best Fighters (Aircraft) In The World 2017

  • Kostya Kokos

    русские танки лучше?как чермет может быть лучше ???оно же больше ремонтируеться чем ездит...

  • Jakub Landa

    The first tank look like a T92 And the second I think is a M1 Abrams on the start of video

  • Francesco Baldassarre

    Oh my god, italiy, my heart destroyed... (I'm italian) ITALY

  • Rayzer

    The TOP bullshit, t90 with manual transmission and sticks for controlling - best of the best... Except there's also armata, which didn't even started on putins parade))) On top of this pile of junk is Ukrainian MBT Oplot, say, why haven't you compared it's characteristics to you'r pile of metallic shit, little russian friend?

  • 한강희

    저기요, k2흑표는 세계 3위안에 드는 전차인데요

  • Dee Bee

    my audi is better than any russian tank.

  • Histo the Great

    Come on...the T-90 is the second best MBT.

  • andre aquino

    I would like to know the name of the song and the author, used in the video, top 10 best Tanks In The World 2017 | Military Technology 2017.

  • tony montana

    the french tank in the best

  • Müptezel Gokhan

    Altay tankı biz yapmadık ki motoru Fransız dış zırhı Çin'den alıp birleştirdik biz ürettik sanki amk

  • Demircan ExJuante

    Reis yanlış anlama altay 3 olması gerek nedeni ise şuan dünyanın dünyanın en savunmalı tankı bu sistem 2 ülkede var amerika rusya 3 olmamiz gerek

  • Thomas K Wetz

    Armata - is it russian for "unreliable piece of shit"? 8 of them failed because of technical defects whilst the parade at the Kremlin and had to be towed by other tanks....great job. More of this!After the German government will increase it's defense budget to 80 Billion Euro / year (about 78 Billion USD) in late 2018 and save another 5 Billion Euro by ending german armys foreign missions, there will be more than enough to build up a small, but powerful defense army able to defend german ground without additional NATO forces. Projects like Leopard 3 (able to fire supersonic nuclear shells), FlaSys2 (Air-defense against Planes and Helicopters also as against supersonic shells and -missles), U-35 (supersilent hydrogen-powered submarine based on the U-32, with Hispeed-Torpedos and Nuclear cruise missles that can be fired from the Torpedo tubes, nearly not detectable) but also french-german cooperations like "Colère" or "Nemesis" (supersonic med-ranged nuclear missles) will help to hit the Bears paws, if he tries to get too careless.Instead I hope we will never need to use it against each another.

  • nico fl3x

    Italy not italiy stupid

  • Nintendo Pilot

    Those Russian tanks cannot take a hit. What the hell is with the Armata? If that piece of shit takes a hit anywhere it's finished. Learn how to slope armor.

  • mr k reporting

    My favorite tank,is tank Abbott

  • Joyce Palenewen

    German tank is actually no 1

  • Muhammad Sami Ullah IA

    There no range mentionedOr speed nor miles per hour

  • Bottas Heimfe

    oh man, the T-14 Armata MBT is one BEAUTIFUL killing machine. ya gotta give the russians credit, the T-14 and the t90 both have unmanned machine guns where most similar tanks have a guy sitting behind a machine gun, it increases their effectiveness quite a bit because they don't have to worry about sharpshooters taking out the Machine Gunner. the best way to take out a Tank with a Manned Machine gun is to kill the gunner then approach it with explosives, a task that is significantly easier in an Urban environment. but if you don't have to worry about the safety of a gunner, then the risk of being stripped of close quarters weapons is nil. i believe these models would be useful in Urban Combat zones

  • Andrey venomancer

    ей кучка пидарасов хуле здесь спорить чей лучший танк скиньте названия песни если хотите стать нормальным пацаном ...

  • Wolf Hawk Gaming

    God bless russia...death to capitalists fat sacks of shitLove,Algeria

  • Oleg Zyryanov

    А мне интересно "мудрые" хохлы, хоть знают, что число "90" в Т-90 означает? Или так.. в песочнице попиздеть?

  • Vuosits GT GT

    My favourite tank at Finland

  • rincon


  • Jet-Fighter

    10 Minutes= 10 ads nice dude

  • The SpookyChicken

    music sucks..... super gay but

  • Mark Willis

    Russian tanks are rubbish. This is pure propaganda. The British Challenger 2 & German Leopard 2A7 are much better.

  • Military Freaks

    3rd generation advanced Tanks-- Challanger 2 ( the UK )-- M1A2 Abrams SEP3 ( the US )-- Leopard2A7+ ( Germany )-- Leclerc ( France )-- Merkava 4 ( Israel )-- T-90MS ( Russia )New ( 4th ) generation Tanks-- Altay ( Turkey )-- Type10 ( Japan )-- K2 Black Panther ( S.Korea )-- T14 Armata ( Russia )

  • Rocco De Maio

    macchine da guerra da paura .

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