2 FTOP RAIDS IN THE FIRST 24h of TNT!! | FearPvP 12.0 #3 (Minecraft Factions)

Rich raids on the first day!

IP: mc.fearpvp.com

IGN: m0dest
Faction: Ohana

Texture Packs:
Lust 64x by Apexay

Moldavite x MXNT - Regime (VIP)
Satara - Airstrike
woodpile - Hello
  • fizzybang425 - DJB

    Hey! Love the videos but would love you to come back and play decimate pvp. We are 1 dropping players but would also like to see you play maybe we could play together <3 hope to see you there Thanks fizzy

  • ThatWillis

    what cannon in the raid?

  • zDarkyPlays

    What type of cannon is that ?

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