Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Music Video)

Listen to Chun Li :

Connect with Nicki
  • Emjay 25

    0:44 Walking out of that exam knowing you failed like😂

  • Yvonne Diaz

    Wack!!!  3:21 I could never get back waste of my time

  • Bar4BarRapBattles

    Blah blah blah.. nothing to listen to here.. keep it moving.. definitely not better than 3D Natee on her best day.. but carry on..

  • Eglantine Lonperia

    I swear this song just gave me goosebumps.😘😘 I like barbie tingz but this is hands down the B-E-S-T!! 🙌🙌🙌"He keep on dailin Nicki, like the prince song" omg 🙌🙌

  • Childhood Crisis

    It sounds like Tyler the creator yonkers


    This song gets better & better each time I hear it 🤘

  • Kevin Robinson

    so no one's gonna talk about the cardi b ? no ? k

  • asimolok

    cant they do any decent music nowdays

  • Ellie Gee

    Damn... Forgot Nikki could rap for a few years. Debated with folks about her being a pop artist not an actual rapper... Still not convinced but extremely happy to hear her ACTUALLY rap after what 6, 7 years of pop stuff.

  • The Ruler 87

    My wi fi password is nicki minaj

  • Local Mechanic

    This song make Cardi B fuck off and make money move

  • Courtney

    Nicki ran out of money for the vid 😂

  • bilaldu16

    Don't forget Nicki can rap lol fuckin good comeback ! Real shit maybe I can give u my number

  • Mathew Rodriguez

    She cried in a interview and then y’all dead think she tough after this trash ass song

  • Prettyrara

    hey Jonah! Go find a whale ta swallow u Nicki is the queen of rap I Kno u not insinuating cardi b is on Nicki level! N while u talking books what have u read u so remedial I bet u actually gonna comment what books you've read like who cares lol! Dr suess doesn't count either!Doomoss!Don't correct the spelling neither

  • spencer marrison

    Nicki you definitely TRIED IT !

  • Minter ZzZ

    I swear that your songs are one time use,you listen to them and then you forget about them,cause they are so shitty,fucking hell,you just brought xvideos to youtube ffs.

  • MJ Perez

    When you got all dressed up and your friends cancel last minute.

  • Romel Murdock

    I've never liked Nikki except on Throw some mo..........but this is fire

  • mrqa 215

    Not all dat it's ok cardi b winning now

  • Rudy Alvarez

    I’m just wondering what this or any of the lyrics have to do with chun li😂😂😂

  • erin

    she made a whole ass video just basically doing a i stan

  • Emily Isabelle Jones

    This is on a phoneIt’s so good

  • Jason Davis

    girls is killing the game

  • Lay Royalty

    I keep coming back. I like the simple idea for the video.

  • Mariposaoro Fusion food Channel

    Someone loved Street Fighter as a youth... Lol!!


    Not a huge fan, but this is fire!🔥🔥🔥

  • 程胤赫

    Her team have $10 budget for music video or what?

  • vulcan2050ful

    well I'm definitely not mad at the video.

  • Ferg

    This a whole snap chat video



  • Dali Raj

    Onika and her porn clohes

  • skittenkitten

    2:52Everytime i go to somebodys house

  • starr evans

    Beat is good, lyrics not. Hey I’m 40 why do I care ??? Deuces

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