MONSTER CANNON vs BASE /w SuchSpeed | Minecraft Factions District #23

THIS CANNON IS A MONSTER! Minecraft Raiding is so fun ...
It can take down a wall in less than 3 seconds and barely needs refills, today we tested this thing out vs base we found with SuchSpeed !


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districtpvp is a minecraft factions server 1.7 and 1.8 I do lets play most of the time, kinda like skeppy and saicopvp
MONSTER CANNON vs BASE | Minecraft Factions District #23
minecraft raid on creepersedge and lolitsalex also rp minecraft raiding
  • LostConfig

    That Cannon isnt even goood for force raiding lmao

  • adrian maraj

    can u make a tutorial on how to make that cannon plz

  • SoullessBody -Cannons

    Did he just say, "this is the state of cannon technology right now." Are you high? this is a normal ass cannon with 2 plates?? Not even a double tap? this is a early 2016 cannon?

  • J-c Le Tracteur

    District is better than Invadedland

  • JustYeti.

    I know exactly what everyone here is thinking You’re thinking that I won’t be able to guess what you’re thinking

  • Joey Reposa

    Hey can I join your factions I have b3en playing factions over a year now I am good at mob grinding basework pvp raiding etc. My faction is aznsquad we use to be f top 2 but we took down all of our spawners to make a new base I will give them all to you if u let me join I have discord and my ign is stalkerstopper69 as well as my alt amphitheater if u want to hook me up with an invite it would be greatly appreciated

  • Matt Ryan

    Damn I remember being in malevolent 3 years ago😂😂 we would’ve never let this happen on archon

  • Fabbs

    nice haircut(also district is better than invadedlands)

  • TimmyPlayz

    Whyyy F1NN whyyyy your videos are so good that the 8 mins felt like 2 seconds.... You must knoe da wae

  • IcecreamPug

    I saw a guy On chat saying SUBCRIBE TO F1NNTER ON YOUTTUBE

  • HunterEliteMC

    Can you make a schematic of the cannon and send it to me :D

  • Andrew Ryes

    f1nn please turn off your private messagesi don't want to see some nerd spamming you with "dood wanna collab i've got -100 subs on my growtopia channel"

  • AimBot

    I was the 500th like

  • Grumpy Cat

    we need 420 likes 0 dislikes, WE CAN DO IT, I BELIEVE! we're at 276likes 0 dislikes, why not 420 likes 0 dislikes?

  • SepticSquid

    District is better than invadedlands

  • Shampou

    What headset does he use?

  • MLGGames

    give us cannon download

  • Mr.G

    You're the best YouTuber 😍

  • Erik Cook

    wont go on enchanted cuz u got raided :P

  • xXEnderGodXx

    I like how he puts in the description: raid on creepersedge and lolitsalex also rp. 😂😂

  • quinnbp1

    Just saying you should come on vaelox for a week and watch how many times Gucci gang attempts console with a 3 second and how well we defend it 😂😂

  • Chaz Dude

    Hey F1NN5TER, i would like to join faction, if you make a base i can design the inside and i am a really good PVPer. chazster11

  • Jack TheOne

    I'm so envy about that cannon man I wish I had the ability and knowledge to make something like that. Simply eats walls like its nothing.

  • PvpOfLuck


  • RedW0lfStone Gaming

    Hey random question anyone here play ?

  • Blue Generic Avatar

    District is better than InvadedLands so Skeppy gets mad

  • zendoor47

    I find it funny that Inaactive in Active

  • Loukas Triant

    F1NN5TER, I will give you an account if you will play on cosmicpvp (the one rule, no gamebreaking exploits please)

  • boy bands

    Ally my faction redxblue

  • RemyGN

    district is better than invaded lands

  • FaitFul Wolf

    Msg Me On Youtube Or Email I wanna join plsIm pretty active too so just think about it and yeah.Great Vid Loved It,Love The Cannon Looks Pretty Great

  • Zak McNeil

    can u pls put cannon schematic in the desc

  • Bryan Bacallao

    District is better than InvadedLands

  • GhostOne

    District needs a unban all.

  • Happy Purple

    District is better than InvadedLands

  • Jackson Stueber

    That was my base RIP

  • Priyanshu Sharma

    Ign: fullinceptionIf you end up giving me the rank you know :3

  • ᴇᴠʟ Flush

    I think you're through 12 walls

  • Zorixx

    Send me schem of the cannon?


    F1nn5ter can u get woody to release the cannon to us

  • Jesper Nordlund

    I killed suchspeed in team skywars insane easy and he 2v1 me on hypixel

  • GotNuked

    do a schem vid for the cannon pleaseeeeee

  • potootos

    Cool vid bro 👍🏼 keep up the cringe :))

  • Isaac Atkinson

    You and jacksucksatlife need to colab

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