Ford Focus RS WRC (DiRT Rally)

Short Monte-Carlo stage with the Ford focus RS WRC from 2007!

(All driving assists OFF)
  • Stefan Panzalovic

    what type of wheel/controller is that?

  • Oscar Muñiz

    hola, alguien que me diga si este es él DIRT 1

  • alex dizon

    oh man perfect driving your the best....

  • Kieliopin Kuningas

    What the fuck is that shitty wheel?!?!? You need to get better.

  • Gaming Baczkowski

    Excellent gameplay!!

  • KOnstantin Kotov

    Where i can get sock like urs

  • Cunt Sniffer

    This is so good even Tyler McNamer would be impressed!

  • Nikos A

    this is third person view while using a wheel.You wot?

  • Jacobart1

    I got exactly the same wheel, Ferrari Red Legend. I play Colin McRae Rally 2.0 on it :)

  • Mr. I Don't Know My Name

    0:10 my favourite moment.......i like it so much

  • PyroSquadCroatia

    Which type of steering wheel is it?

  • Diqi B

    "understeer" #smiling.

  • Aleksandr Ivanov

    как блять можно играть на руле с третего вида,ты в кабине проедь обосрёшся нахуй в первую бардюру

  • ocBTyga

    dirt really has the worst tracks of all racing games

  • David Vera

    Quien me ayuda que Game es??

  • VeryObeseCat Productions

    U should be in cockpit camera mode my dude, much prettier and realistic and more enjoyable as well as a little harder...

  • Komandor Bentus

    Driving controler + pedals but no cockpit view? Snif! :D

  • game channel ur support plzzz

  • Hèctor Raùl Hernadez Campos

    es asqueroso ver tus pies

  • MDDeGrande1994

    Wow. Just wow. What a driver. SO MANY close calls, but NOT A SINGLE scratch or crash here, with the third person/chase camera (which is very difficult with the steering wheel), on such a narrow track. One of the best drivers I've ever seen in the video games.

  • Anis Bajric

    Dirt Rally Anis

  • ImMortalMystery

    Managed to barely beat this time on my channel, nice video though man!

  • Ewan White

    Personally I hate people who play in third person. It's practically cheating, if you want a real challenge drive with the interior view on

  • DooM WARR!OR

    Why you drive with 2 legs

  • tobbetraktor 123

    Puzzzy you should drive in first person Much harder

  • Michael Ward

    Do you have the teaction controal and the abs off doesnt seen like you have it on expert levels you werent sliding at all

  • Bepsi Gandhi

    which steering wheel is this

  • Bipul Saikia

    What is the name of tha game and wher

  • [[[ _*Dragonier*_ ]]]

    People dissing this guy because he’s in third person. I saying playing 3P is a challenge in itself lol

  • Simon

    The graphics hurt :x

  • wtfuredead

    1:37 - i believe that's actually a pretty fast way around that corner. as you went over that bump, having little to no traction, you carried good speed and where able to accelerate out relatively early(but it placed you bad for the next corner). another way would be a little wider before the bump, and using a late apex, even the gravel on the inside (sadly, i can't test that)

  • OGI Gra

    Jezdzicie na kierownicy a i tak kamerke macie za autem bez sensu.

  • tobbetraktor 123

    But i Will give u à like anyway:)

  • Joryson Lumasag

    What name this game?

  • Bepsi Gandhi

    which steering wheel is ghis

  • Mr Vintage

    I have the same wheel, it's cool :D

  • Tony Wolcott

    How are you so good using the wheel and pedals? I just feel awkward with them

  • Mr Vintage

    I've never understood why people use a wheel but have the car in the outside view. For me personally I find it kills the immersion as well. I have read it is better for setting times though so maybe that is why people do it. For me it is all about the feeling of being in the car. Good run though.

  • Barnmints Games

    What do you use to record?

  • ta tip

    what a crazy graphic

  • 132predator132

    I like 3rd person view! Especially for the viewers it is nicer to watch because you can see more of the track and more of the car :)


    How to make a good game vidio

  • Bluesman _5

    Best driver you can find on youtube, unbeatable...very very good player

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