Subnautica | Part 78 | A ROCKET TO SPACE!!

Let's finish Subnautica TOGETHER!! It's time for one last run through the terrifying depths of the ocean to finish every little thing you guys would like to see! LET'S DO THIS!!
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  • rosy cubias

    The ending wasn't just good, it was a breathtakingly beautiful masterpiece. The music along with the visuals. Not to mention that it was a sad departing. Can't blame me if I rewatch the ending a hundred more times.

  • darkwolf 178

    You should do 2 extra episodes to make it to 80 episodes

  • ErrorBerry 404

    Does anyone remember when Mark found a random Time Capsule? If there was one, does that mean some other intellectual being (or beings) has found a way off the planet and left it behind? If so, was the ‘gun’ and disease around during then?If the ‘gun’ was there, and say it was active, who reactivated it once said being(s) left?The containment platform would need to be turned OFF in order to leave...

  • Cameron Orlandella

    If there is not a gun what shot the sunbeam and the dagase

  • TheGroovyMoose

    I'm so sad that this has ended...what am I ganna watch on my lunch breaks now?!

  • Brandyn Valdez

    this guy is such a great guy

  • desertfox xx98

    I want a second one!!! DEW IT

  • Zachary Mike

    Does this make mark a father?

  • ShadowStorm63

    I haven’t gotten my bag of piss

  • Emily Mitchell

    Markiplier I have a mission try to scan all leviathans tip:aim for the head with stasis rifle

  • The Festive Nerdy Medic

    When Mr. Fister started floating check mate atheists

  • Flippy Le Jeff

    stardew valley multiplayer comes out spring for you guys

  • Super Saiyan God 90

    mark make a compilation of the best moments in Subnautica please

  • Kevin Wallace

    so mark there was someone before your character was and escaped the planet in the same evidence you picked up a timecapsle....and you dropped a casple from the CALVIN

  • irma cates

    Do not ignore life pod 2 go there now!

  • subuix

    I do remember condemed criminal (i don't remember the last name of the gane xD) i am n OOOOOOOOOOLLLLLD sub of you

  • Deathstroke Gaming

    The cannon is real I played subnatica there is a part where you find an island and a ship arrives but gets SHOT DOWN BY A GIANT CANNON!

  • Flippy Le Jeff

    44.40 markiplier back to his old game breaking ways while he talks about his broken promise from 6years ago

  • Comedy Dog

    What if the cuddlefish are just baby sea dragon leviathans 🤯

  • Thomas Beckham

    :( i dont want it to end...

  • Ella Capella

    I chose the perfect time to start binging the series: right after he had finished it

  • Boobearlads

    Mark: There is no way to shoot my ship with a big fcking gun.Me: THERE IS THE WAE! DO YOU KNOW THE WAE?! YOU JUST DIDN'T KNOW THE FCKING WAE!

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