OMNI vs WHYOU - Commented! & How To Arty on Ensk CW

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Commenting game, hence SPOILER below!

"I won't even upload if it's an easy win" - while the end score was nice, the game took us nearly till time ran out and while it was a clear win, I wouldn't use "easy". But that can really be discussed. If you disagree...Deal with it ;) Enjoy, Like and sub :D



Twitch livestream:

  • Noam Katsir

    you know im_a_bob upload this video already ?

  • waffena

    hey man when are you streaming again? been a while since i saw you online

  • סלין עזרא

    so what exactly WY were trying to do? defende? camp? waiting for draw? wait for you to attack? all of these non! what kind of tactic is it? you expect from nigh class clan to show some strategy, and this is what you get?

  • Bunze X

    I was leading it u muppet :P Pickles account cough cough

  • TheDukeV /

    That was not a close win xD we rekt them o/

  • Alex Hunt

    Pickleswartooth is God like in this battle!!

  • Arwel Parry

    Hope u had a good time in Holland 👍 great to see whyou getting smashed tho. Very well played in your absence

  • Mazaker

    Genghis do you think after the arty changes its gonna get played?

  • Sam TuBer

    Wow I missed out on a lot of content, time to grab some popcorn lul

  • jaanimardikas1

    would be nice if the batchat was not using aimbot. at 12:03 you can hear the sound out auto aim and if you slow down the video, you can see the aiming circle move from the middle point to the lower plate of the Maus, also on some earlier places you can see aimbot

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