E-100 montage & 1.2 update (World of Tanks Xbox1/PS4)

Montage of me in my E-100, general discussion, including the 1.2 update. aaa the memories! :)

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  • Philip's Gaming

    This update took me so long !!!!

  • Cosmic Carrie World of Tanks Console- Diary of a Tanker

    E75 is easily my most favorite German tank so far. So much fun...

  • ARevengeBroken

    When are they going to fix the artillery map??? The cursor moves over the areas too slowly, making section switching impossible.Most artillery spend the ENTIRE MATCH firing at a small group of tanks in ONE SECTION. -.-

  • Cameron Henderson

    Love your videos man I'm working on getting the e75

  • mark withers

    What the fuck was the end about

  • Bulkinpv

    Ma LI (stress here) novka :)

  • Raibot01

    Great Video!RaiBOT01

  • DDoubleTap

    Great video, keep em coming. love to be able to record my own on the 360,don't have a clue how to do it though...lolSee u on the battlefield :)

  • Redneck Garage

    You should platoon with subscribers sometime.

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