TOP 15 World BEST TANK 2017 | MBT: Main Battle Tanks |HD|

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This time was VERY hard to make this list.Most of the tanks have similar capabilities and it's not so easy say for sure who is greater.
For ME the list should be a top3:
First Spot: Number 1 to 6
Second Spot: Number 7 to 11
Third Spot: Number 12 to 15
In these ranges you can change the numbers as you wish and still achieve the same result.
About the number 1 it's another story.It's a very different machine with a different concept and can't be valued so easy.Following the specs there are no doubts about the position BUT ,just because it's so new,need to prove itself in a real combat scenario to be really valued.
Following the criteria of the list the first spot is right but in a real war the things could be very different....for now anyone could know the truth.
However, FOR ME, every machine that makes the crew safer is better than others and there are no doubts about the protection of this new tank at least.
If you have different informations or opinion then let me know in the comments ;)

▶▶▶ The classification,as ever,is based on SPECS given from the builder companies and official military websites.

▶▶▶ Here you can find only active and/or delivered machines! No concepts,prototypes or similar!!!

▶▶▶ The machine version considered is ever the latest one delivered in the moment of the uploading.I still can't see the future!

▶▶▶ The images of the video are only demonstrative

▶▶▶▶ Quick link for each machine:

▶▶▶▶ Sources used for the specs:

▶▶▶ Main criteria followed:
Active Protections: 10
Passive Protections: 10
Armor: 8
Ammunitions: 8
Fire Range: 8
Targeting Systems: 7
Latest Upgrade: 7
Secondary Weapons: 6
Gun: 6
Targeting Range: 6
Engine: 4
Speed: 4
Range: 4
Bonus: 5

Total: 100/100 points

▶▶▶ Music:
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    THE BLACK PANTer IS neat

  • Ruben Arguello

    excelente programacion autos clasicos

  • 健竹

    Is K-2 top 3 ???????That is impossible

  • hoots

    The Leopard is one sexy beast

  • Crapwell The Original

    The merkava sounds like a crocodile

  • Desert Eagle

    K2 Black Panther ..Fire Range -> 4 - 6 KmEngaging -> 8 km WTF !?

  • Ivan Starshinov

    Everyone hates Russian tanks? Well, then we're doing it right! :)And if seriously, then to me, a citizen of Russia, of course it's nice to see our tank in the first place.But! If we were in the last place, then it would not cause me any aggression. There simply would be a reason to understand that we are doing something wrong.Thanks to the author for trying to make an objective assessment ! It's complicated, but you tried ;)Like.

  • Maksim Almazov

    12 top Ukraine hahahahaha on the 100 top

  • Kratos _

    leopard 2 a7M is the best tank, not the T-14 armata!

  • trankt54155

    #11 the Chinese tank with two gas tanks in the back......just aim at those and you're in business...

  • pete15

    No1 is Abrams. Unfortunately - this film was created by "specialists" of the Kremlin.

  • TheHighStatusMillionaire

    all these tanks don't matter in case of nuclear war.

  • Detlef Die Soos

    The italien tank has a german canon

  • KuroNeko :3

    Wow Armata is the cheapest one despite being a next-gen MBT. Hats off to Russian for creating such a beast that they can mass produce easily. Respect from Turkey.

  • Joseph M


  • ruf1o2o

    what was that very last si-fi tank shown? 14:44

  • V Highlander

    Картонная Армата Которая даже на победобесии заглохла .. А завод производитель обанкротился Ну мокша ты и загнул .. Поди боярки выпей и проспись

  • Gamer -X

    You should put the Iranian karar

  • Jae K

    south korea <3 <3

  • Generous_PhoenixX

    T-14 on first place? Its a joke? T-14 Armata is so bad that the russians have not taken it into service, besides many experts agree that the tower is not a real one but a mock-up

  • Dmitriy Bert

    Молодец! Т-14 лучше всех! Справедливый рейтинг.

  • Dandy Feishal

    what about the PL-01 Concept?

  • V Highlander

    What???? Armata plant manufacturing is bankrupt!!! Ha ha .. So even on russian 9 May celebration. It failed ...

  • lyq3r

    What about the last tank in the video, the futuristically looking one?

  • G Q P

    How is the t-90 better than the Abrams? This channel is garbage. Also how is the leopard 2 better? And the t-14? What? Prove it or gtfo

  • matump 2004

    Where is PL 01!? u add a photo!!!

  • austin fuesting

    Great vid missing some good info on American and Russian tanks

  • Yac33 Ar

    I am wondering what will happen to those tanks afte there is no oil left on earth...maybe nasa will find oil on the moon.

  • Luke Tansiongco

    15:01 what's that tank called?

  • Tom Sharpe

    churchill vii should be in there: with an update or two, (make it slightly more angled, autoloader, torsion bar etc) and that 15 inch armour, it would have no problem facing an armata lol

  • j newb

    black panther is a beast

  • trankt54155

    Challenger 2 looks like the kid that Leopard2 and M1A2 had sex and produced it.

  • I'm rape everything

    how's the t14 the best tank it's never Ben used agents armored vehicles

  • venbolo

    Best Top x tank video I have ever seen. Ignore all those fucks claiming their countries' tanks should be number 1.

  • Buchenholz

    as a german i can say great an fair video

  • Jonfrid Holnan Siae

    Can make tanks since 1921. While developing countries, until the year 2017, have not been able to make their own tanks, including Indonesia.

  • Stalinium Bias

    3:43T-84 Oplot-M:Look an enemy tank! Fire's at the Enemy tankCar sirenT-84 Oplot-M:Ohh,thats my friend car's. hes gonna kill me.

  • chris schwind

    This list is kinda bs because the Abrams should be up with the leopard and it does in fact have active protection

  • trankt54155

    Can I order a Chinese tank on Walmart or Ebay?

  • Tim Robinson

    many of these are just an m1 platform

  • Aniket Pandey

    oh ! come on - Arjun mark 2 is the best tank by far - It has been built and tested for INDIA's tough terrain - unlike the tender areas west has been cradled in .

  • Andrey

    мы скоро нападём на сша

  • Janos Tomolya

    armata far is the best, very far..........

  • wasn't me

    nothing can beat nr 16 ; chuck norris in a go kart

  • Daftprod QLF


  • Boyk a

    fuck the russians beat us ;D from Germany

  • No Name

    If I had enough money, I would buy the Amatar

  • Dominic London

    Turkish shit rly?? Why Challenger is 9????!?!

  • htu1969

    What a joke´s not even work yet....

  • TheVargevass

    the T-90 on 50 metric tons jumping- thats a mans toy...the pink panter of south korea.... whats the idea of the smoke??? let the enemy know exactly wher u are???

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