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This time was VERY hard to make this list.Most of the tanks have similar capabilities and it's not so easy say for sure who is greater.
For ME the list should be a top3:
First Spot: Number 1 to 6
Second Spot: Number 7 to 11
Third Spot: Number 12 to 15
In these ranges you can change the numbers as you wish and still achieve the same result.
About the number 1 it's another story.It's a very different machine with a different concept and can't be valued so easy.Following the specs there are no doubts about the position BUT ,just because it's so new,need to prove itself in a real combat scenario to be really valued.
Following the criteria of the list the first spot is right but in a real war the things could be very different....for now anyone could know the truth.
However, FOR ME, every machine that makes the crew safer is better than others and there are no doubts about the protection of this new tank at least.
If you have different informations or opinion then let me know in the comments ;)

▶▶▶ The classification,as ever,is based on SPECS given from the builder companies and official military websites.

▶▶▶ Here you can find only active and/or delivered machines! No concepts,prototypes or similar!!!

▶▶▶ The machine version considered is ever the latest one delivered in the moment of the uploading.I still can't see the future!

▶▶▶ The images of the video are only demonstrative

▶▶▶▶ Quick link for each machine:

▶▶▶▶ Sources used for the specs:

▶▶▶ Main criteria followed:
Active Protections: 10
Passive Protections: 10
Armor: 8
Ammunitions: 8
Fire Range: 8
Targeting Systems: 7
Latest Upgrade: 7
Secondary Weapons: 6
Gun: 6
Targeting Range: 6
Engine: 4
Speed: 4
Range: 4
Bonus: 5

Total: 100/100 points

▶▶▶ Music:
Metal Brothers Intro


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  • Karahan Timurlenk

    number 8 is turkish tank altay

  • Piotr Machulak

    Pl 01 is no in production 😕

  • Abe Wenger

    T14 Armata the best, URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Romanowski Dawid

    On the end is Polish PL-01 .

  • Gennadiy

    Порадовал кореец на третьем месте (samsung?):)))

  • David Salin

    This ranking is very inaccurate

  • robert ruiz

    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll encore une fois vos chars c est que le nombre autrement c est de la merde le Leclerc c est le top

  • Soviet -potato


  • Michael Myers

    Where is M-95 DEGMAN?

  • Peter Panne

    Platz 2 , lach, der gehört auf n Schrott, bei der Technologie

  • Wrexon

    Fck stop using our tank ok ? and if you wanna us pl-01 just fcking give it on a list.

  • DekiSha :P

    Pl 01 is a car sized tanky, armata would just crush it...

  • Drabik

    15:05 słychać Polaków PL

  • Lihui Zhang

    I thought the author will rank the North Koreans tanks as no1

  • Super - Némo

    Lol t14 ... this joke

  • Russian Mapper

    You fucking dumbass, why didn't you add the KV2 at number one?It has Stalinium armor. 152 MM Nuke Cannon that is guided by Stalin, it can reach Paris from Moscow. That T-14 is a fake and a traitor to the mighty USSR. NUB

  • View Epic

    Does al khalid makes on the top 20 lists cuz as far as I remember till 2013 it had the 11 position

  • Wali_gamesl

    T14 armata best EVR HOŠI!!

  • Drabik

    PL-01 Concept the Best

  • Felix Magnetix

    Maybe Germans could build good Tanks, but don't owe one Helicopter that could fly. If there will be War, Germany will be down in 1 Day or less.

  • kalakan reis

    Altay is 3-4 fuck video

  • ZRB BG

    Just I quick question what place do you think the (strongest variant/version of) T-72 should be?

  • Dr. Faith

    If USA and Britain directly or by proxy succeed in destroying China while Russia passively looks on then it's only inevitable that the next western target will be Russia itself - it's called divide and rule !!

  • Niño Glenn

    M1A2 is better than Merkava! And M1A2 Sep tusk 2 is better than T90 Ms and K2 Black panther

  • Inasne World

    hungry russian soldiers burned the armored personnel carrier cost is about 28 million

  • وحید صبری

    3:09 bence bu tankin topu l55 degil... rus yapimi bir top

  • Ya Consoler

    K2 and armata the strong

  • Mister

    11:07Deal with it Meme

  • James Henry Smith

    Tanks are all hoaxes made of plastic.

  • Agar Red

    i thought vt4 was better than type 99,owell nice vid btw 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sadece Hayatın İçinden


  • Operation health Is broken

    Where’s PL-01 that things insane

  • J R

    But but but it's Britain who has the best tanks, roads, houses, cars, teeth and food! You are all peasants!

  • Very SnipySharky

    Ariete = Challenger MK2 but serving pizza for dinner

  • ramazan kose

    Altay is Better thn k2 Black Phanter

  • Winson Feng

    all are beautiful tanks


    Leopard 2a6 is good too

  • Amitay gibli

    Merkava eats them all

  • ZRB BG

    Wow all the dislikes are probably from butthurt people...

  • Sylvio Kolley

    Was nutzt es Deutschland den Weltbesten Panzer der Welt zu haben wenn über 80 % nicht einsatzbereit sind und die Fahrzeuge welche wir zu unserer Verteidigung bräuchten , von den geistig unterprivilegierten grünen und unserer unfähigen Verteidigungsübermutter lieber verkauft oder verschenkt werden . Mittlerweile wird Deutschland von jeder 100 Mann-Armee überrannt . . .

  • Šimon S.

    ohh,sorry you have true

  • Rémi Hourcq

    The T14 armata is less powerful than the leopard 2 and the AMX leclerc

  • Alexander Krause

    russia is full of shit!

  • rastrsn Sn

    Интересный топ, спасибо за видео.

  • Mr. Bacon

    Correction! Russia's T14 Armata tank costs 3,5 million, not 3,9 million.Source:

  • Piotrek Nowak

    1:37 Camouflage from minecraft + Tank from China = Nothing

  • Šimon S.

    m1a2 have a 125 mm canon

  • MrTrend.

    Try as they will, no one is better at war than Europeans and particularly Anglo peoples. England/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ would stomp all you motherfuckers and you know it. Get mad and reply, proof is in the puddin' baby.

  • Sir zuza

    Abrams is good only for Hollywood movies ))) in real battle Abrams is waste of space a think all american weapons is fukin nightmare they beautiful but shit :D usa got best Drones and that it :D f35 lighting 2 zumwell fukin waste of money

  • Luigi Ionascu

    ..good diplom engeenering..

  • Repz

    I want to hunt a moose with the last one

  • Alex lugano

    Why is there no Ukrainian tank Oplot-M on the list?

  • the max

    A EMP bomb and none of thoses work anymore

  • נתי אברהמי

    Merkava Mark 4M 💙🇮🇱💙🇮🇱

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