TOP 15 World BEST TANK 2016 - 2018 | MBT: Main Battle Tanks |HD|

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This time was VERY hard to make this list.Most of the tanks have similar capabilities and it's not so easy say for sure who is greater.
For ME the list should be a top3:
First Spot: Number 1 to 6
Second Spot: Number 7 to 11
Third Spot: Number 12 to 15
In these ranges you can change the numbers as you wish and still achieve the same result.
About the number 1 it's another story.It's a very different machine with a different concept and can't be valued so easy.Following the specs there are no doubts about the position BUT ,just because it's so new,need to prove itself in a real combat scenario to be really valued.
Following the criteria of the list the first spot is right but in a real war the things could be very different....for now anyone could know the truth.
However, FOR ME, every machine that makes the crew safer is better than others and there are no doubts about the protection of this new tank at least.
If you have different informations or opinion then let me know in the comments ;)

▶▶▶ The classification,as ever,is based on SPECS given from the builder companies and official military websites.

▶▶▶ Here you can find only active and/or delivered machines! No concepts,prototypes or similar!!!

▶▶▶ The machine version considered is ever the latest one delivered in the moment of the uploading.I still can't see the future!

▶▶▶ The images of the video are only demonstrative

▶▶▶▶ Quick link for each machine:

▶▶▶▶ Sources used for the specs:

▶▶▶ Main criteria followed:
Active Protections: 10
Passive Protections: 10
Armor: 8
Ammunitions: 8
Fire Range: 8
Targeting Systems: 7
Latest Upgrade: 7
Secondary Weapons: 6
Gun: 6
Targeting Range: 6
Engine: 4
Speed: 4
Range: 4
Bonus: 5

Total: 100/100 points

▶▶▶ Music:
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  • robert ruiz

    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll encore une fois vos chars c est que le nombre autrement c est de la merde le Leclerc c est le top

  • ZRB BG

    Just I quick question what place do you think the (strongest variant/version of) T-72 should be?

  • Sylvio Kolley

    Was nutzt es Deutschland den Weltbesten Panzer der Welt zu haben wenn über 80 % nicht einsatzbereit sind und die Fahrzeuge welche wir zu unserer Verteidigung bräuchten , von den geistig unterprivilegierten grünen und unserer unfähigen Verteidigungsübermutter lieber verkauft oder verschenkt werden . Mittlerweile wird Deutschland von jeder 100 Mann-Armee überrannt . . .

  • Concerned Aleks

    3:40 Why even set your alarm? You think someone is going to try and steal your car or stuff out of your car while there is a fucking tank right there ready to stop them?

  • Wali_gamesl

    T14 armata best EVR HOŠI!!

  • Bogdan Smoleń

    EJ polski nie ma ale na miniaturce jest nasz czołg jak uwazasz ze nie jest dobry to po huja go tam wstawiales

  • Luigi Ionascu

    ..good diplom engeenering..

  • The Tutorial Man/Person/Thing

    I've actually completely lost it, the Challenger 2 should be like 1st of 2nd with the Abrams with the Leopard 2 in 3rd. The russian T-14 IS ACTUALLY REALLY BAD... bad armour not that good of a gun and pretty meh speed. The amour of the Challenger 2 and Abrams is chobham, WHICH IS PRETTY MUCH UNPENETRABLE! If you ever saw "Whitehouse down" IT'S A LOAD OF **

  • Seam Ahearn

    Didn't the No1 ranked tank break down on its inaugural debut?

  • Buknoy Harabas

    USA M1A1 Abrams MBT! Top 1 in the world. Combat Proven. 👍👌

  • sunder

    markava is the most bad MBT ever

  • THE TOP 10

    Армата сырой танк. Он далеко не тянет даже на пятое место

  • Darren Kyme

    This is very informative and easy to follow. I hope you keep up with this work and it's unbiased view on Tanks.

  • Tobisztol

    14:50 it's the best tank from poland

  • kaan korkmaz

    C1 Ariete similiar to Challenger 2Altay similar to Leclerc

  • Riley Matencio

    Leopard 2a7+ is the best and my favorite tank


    Interesting video, i like it,thumb up,liked,please check back to my channel if have time,thanks

  • temo ivaniashvili

    and everyone does saying leopard vs challenger long range challenger will hit and destroys leopard has almost same range and good range he has really nice armor speed and gun

  • Grzegorz Bryzik

    Pl-01 concept the best!!!

  • MrTrend.

    Try as they will, no one is better at war than Europeans and particularly Anglo peoples. England/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ would stomp all you motherfuckers and you know it. Get mad and reply, proof is in the puddin' baby.

  • Anthony Chung

    Guys just play world of tanks

  • ANT

    I can't think of my favourite. Either the challenger, leopard, or abrams

  • Micah Gao

    I personally think the T90 is the best.

  • Philippe SUN

    i love indian new tank! looks amazing!

  • Piotrek Nowak

    1:37 Camouflage from minecraft + Tank from China = Nothing

  • Geelar

    Dammmmm that T-14 looks sooo good on paper, decent firepower and a myriad of protection systems at $3.9 Mil? daaayyuuummmmmm!!!!

  • Shane Boushie

    The number one tank isn't even in production yet and no one truly knows what it's capabilities are. The M1A2 SEP will run rings around the Merkava and South Korean tank as well as the T-90. Russia doesn't even use the T-90 it is an export tank only. This video is purely personal opinion backed by zero facts.

  • Olegator Ceva


  • Abe Wenger

    T14 Armata the best, URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • beat man5 mv

    Was ist denn mit dem Landkreuzer P1000 Ratte

  • Rémi Hourcq

    The T14 armata is less powerful than the leopard 2 and the AMX leclerc

  • vicente gernale montecino

    I come from Battelfield

  • Amitay gibli

    Merkava eats them all

  • Romanowski Dawid

    On the end is Polish PL-01 .

  • Peter Panne

    Platz 2 , lach, der gehört auf n Schrott, bei der Technologie

  • Gennadiy

    Порадовал кореец на третьем месте (samsung?):)))

  • 悲しい一般人(´;ω;`)

    Type10 No.1!>p<////

  • ZRB BG

    Wow all the dislikes are probably from butthurt people...

  • Ryczek

    Avatar tank is from poland i think he will be here

  • THE TOP 10

    Abrams m1a2 the best

  • Alex_S26

    Yesssss!!!! Ukraine is on the list. T-84 Oplot-M the best tank

  • Lei Barbosa

    LMAO just picking top cause you like it. False information.

  • temo ivaniashvili

    armatas best but leopard beast

  • The Wierd Channel


  • Groote Kreeft

    You know that that tank that you show on the end the PL O1 is from poland

  • Alex Spec

    Actually Abrams and Merkava have been battle proven extensively. Armata has nothing but parade runs.

  • Winson Feng

    all are beautiful tanks

  • 워로탱 Weorotang

    M1A2 sep V2 vs K2 bpIn yard57% M1A2 win43% K2 winIn mountain35% M1A2 win65% K2 winIn desert?I don't know.

  • arm kaz

    The best test is the part in the hostilities, and showed that in Syria. Of these indicators and need to put a real rating. It's one thing to fight, and another thing to participate in the parade. T-90 proved it.


    Interesting video, i like it,thumb up,liked,please check back to my channel if have time,thanks

  • mevlüt çınar

    I think Altay was 4 or 3.

  • mevlüt çınar

    Also armata ıs very bad . Man this video is wrong

  • Mr. Bacon

    Correction! Russia's T14 Armata tank costs 3,5 million, not 3,9 million.Source:

  • Robert Clolery

    It still depends on who trains the hardest, who gets in place first, who has the best support, and who gets the first rounds off. The fog of war is a killer.

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