TOP 15 World BEST TANK 2017 | MBT: Main Battle Tanks |HD|

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This time was VERY hard to make this list.Most of the tanks have similar capabilities and it's not so easy say for sure who is greater.
For ME the list should be a top3:
First Spot: Number 1 to 6
Second Spot: Number 7 to 11
Third Spot: Number 12 to 15
In these ranges you can change the numbers as you wish and still achieve the same result.
About the number 1 it's another story.It's a very different machine with a different concept and can't be valued so easy.Following the specs there are no doubts about the position BUT ,just because it's so new,need to prove itself in a real combat scenario to be really valued.
Following the criteria of the list the first spot is right but in a real war the things could be very different....for now anyone could know the truth.
However, FOR ME, every machine that makes the crew safer is better than others and there are no doubts about the protection of this new tank at least.
If you have different informations or opinion then let me know in the comments ;)

▶▶▶ The classification,as ever,is based on SPECS given from the builder companies and official military websites.

▶▶▶ Here you can find only active and/or delivered machines! No concepts,prototypes or similar!!!

▶▶▶ The machine version considered is ever the latest one delivered in the moment of the uploading.I still can't see the future!

▶▶▶ The images of the video are only demonstrative

▶▶▶▶ Quick link for each machine:

▶▶▶▶ Sources used for the specs:

▶▶▶ Main criteria followed:
Active Protections: 10
Passive Protections: 10
Armor: 8
Ammunitions: 8
Fire Range: 8
Targeting Systems: 7
Latest Upgrade: 7
Secondary Weapons: 6
Gun: 6
Targeting Range: 6
Engine: 4
Speed: 4
Range: 4
Bonus: 5

Total: 100/100 points

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Metal Brothers Intro


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  • Yuriy Yuriy

    armata))))))))))) shaize

  • Dandy Feishal

    what about the PL-01 Concept?

  • Jatler 15

    PL01 in the end our 🇵🇱 tank 😀

  • AdoIf Hitler

    We all know what happens when Germany has tanks.

  • austin fuesting

    Great vid missing some good info on American and Russian tanks

  • iceymoon //animal jam lps and more!

    The m1abrams is alway the best tank of all it is better than all these peices of junk

  • Naru Amagumo

    I love Black panther's design. Awesome.

  • Inefa

    pretty good video :-) but i am missing the rock music - like in the other videos you have done before :-)

  • trankt54155

    Challenger 2 looks like the kid that Leopard2 and M1A2 had sex and produced it.

  • Alejandro Blandón

    Not doubt, since the WWII, Russia is the best tanks producer. They have the largest experience, because they fighted in their own land against the powerful german technology.

  • kempouk

    Leopard 3 will toast all these.

  • Aslan Ahaev

    1974 t-72 mod aka t-90ms on 5 place? And two dummy prototype on top? Are you kidding me?

  • antigonish63

    The Italian and French tanks all have ten speed transmissions, three speeds forward and 7 speeds in reverse. They also have the rapid deploy white flag system.

  • Sebastian Araya

    besides the technology , i still loving the Leopard A1A1 ;)

  • darwin ellingson

    I'll stick with the MOST battle tested tank in the field, Abrams all the way.

  • Gamer -X

    You should put the Iranian karar

  • Craig Doran

    Was surprised to see the M1A2 in 6th not so surprised to see the T-90 MS higher on the list. Definitely not surprised about the T-14 ARMATA being #1 it will be amazing to see it in battle, it's nice to see Russia change things up a bit. Do you think it will be mass produced like the T-90 MS, T-80U and T-72.

  • 龙腾

    The parameters are all fake. What about Chinese 99A? What about America?India is also on the list. Russia is also full of pride for the sake of business

  • Duffzilla12

    The Challenge 2and M1A2 SEP are better than the Merkava Mk4.M and the T-90 also the Germans are upgrading the Leopard 2A7+ with an 130mm gun to take on the T-14

  • Taavetti Gross

    Да ебать эту армату....Пока она войдёт в производство,она будет морально устарелой.Боевые какчества не доказаны -один выпендрёж!!!!Ну а качезвство праизводства срюсских известно фсем!!!!!

  • christian nilsson

    Swedish leperd has a new steel model that is more ticker and more harder to penetrait see for your self

  • Brian Ring

    T14 Armata - 150 maybe, M1A2 10,000+. Two Words "Depleted Uranium". The Armata needs to get to 1500m to pen the front of a M1A2. Doesn't matter though U.S air power dominates 13,500 planes, Russa 3500 planes. 10,000 more. U.S Aircraft Carriers - 19, Russia 1. ect...

  • glarfl

    Your channel literally has everything. Legos, military vehicles, and.....LEGO MILITARY VEHICLES

  • Dmitriy Bert

    Молодец! Т-14 лучше всех! Справедливый рейтинг.

  • AmPerraud

    LOL M1 Abrams the biggest imposture of the late years

  • Lech Bedkowski

    Dobra... już dawno udowodniono, że liczy się ilość... one wszystkie są lepsze albo gorsze o dx...

  • King Pin

    I don't think Tanks are being designed for Tank vs. Tank battles. They're more for infantry support. The A-10 warthog and laser guided bombs are our best tank killers.

  • Axel Fenrir1986

    Abrahams in 1979? Amazing

  • El Coma Andante

    Minuti 14:38 oil on the floor

  • Buchenholz

    as a german i can say great an fair video

  • pete15

    No1 is Abrams. Unfortunately - this film was created by "specialists" of the Kremlin.

  • Vasia Pupkin

    LOL, after I saw T-90 as No. 4, then was clear that the first place will take that shitty fake paperbox rip-off from Object 477, made in 80ies in Soviet Union Kharkiv, now Ukraine. Well done, you idiot.

  • Andrey

    мы скоро нападём на сша

  • de54aba

    Jede Diskussion ist sinnlos. Der ARMATA ist der beste MBT der Welt. Mal wieder. Aber ganz in der Tradition. Klar, der T-34 war technisch kein ingenieurtechnisches Heldenstück - aber ganz den Gegebenheiten angepasst. Schnell, kostengünstig  und in Masse zu produzieren. Und in der Kampfwertsteigerung T34-85 auf der Höhe der Zeit - zumindest was damalige MTB's betrifft. Und so geht es weiter -IL-1,  T-55 bis T90 - Alles  Panzer aller erste Güte - für die Zeit der Erscheinung. Das russische Volk hat verstanden, wie man einen MTB baut. Respekt !!!!!Interessant ist auch: Sowohl die USA wie auch die BRD haben seit Jahren, ja seit Jahrzehnten, bekannt gegeben, dass es für Abrahams und Leopard 2 keine Nachfolger mehr geben wird. Der Leopard kann auch in der aktuellen Kampfwertsteigerung dem Armada nicht das Wasser reichen - über 60 Tonnen zu etwa 45 Tonnen, 120mm zu 125mm. Auch wenn sich die militärische Planung verändert - nicht umsonst tauchen da immer wieder Bilder von einem Leopard 3 auf.......

  • Hamradiojf

    11:25 active protection system?

  • Yac33 Ar

    I am wondering what will happen to those tanks afte there is no oil left on earth...maybe nasa will find oil on the moon.

  • Crapwell The Original

    The merkava sounds like a crocodile

  • Generous_PhoenixX

    T-14 on first place? Its a joke? T-14 Armata is so bad that the russians have not taken it into service, besides many experts agree that the tower is not a real one but a mock-up

  • trankt54155

    Can I order a Chinese tank on Walmart or Ebay?

  • lyq3r

    What about the last tank in the video, the futuristically looking one?

  • Jakub Borowski

    I like how you have a polish tank as the thumb nail but don't actually have it in the video

  • iooix_xiooi

    lol bm oplot make in 2009

  • leonardosanzo

    you really do not understand Tanks. Type 99A should be the best 3. 你懂个屁。 K-2,10式 == 垃圾

  • Meity Najoan

    xaxaxaxa im not a Russian


    THE BLACK PANTer IS neat

  • trankt54155

    #11 the Chinese tank with two gas tanks in the back......just aim at those and you're in business...

  • Sharpy

    churchill vii should be in there: with an update or two, (make it slightly more angled, autoloader, torsion bar etc) and that 15 inch armour, it would have no problem facing an armata lol

  • U wot m8?

    Honorable mentions : K1-88, T80, olifant MK.2, magach 7, Sabra, PT 91, and Mark 1.

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