TOP 15 World BEST TANK 2017 | MBT: Main Battle Tanks |HD|

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This time was VERY hard to make this list.Most of the tanks have similar capabilities and it's not so easy say for sure who is greater.
For ME the list should be a top3:
First Spot: Number 1 to 6
Second Spot: Number 7 to 11
Third Spot: Number 12 to 15
In these ranges you can change the numbers as you wish and still achieve the same result.
About the number 1 it's another story.It's a very different machine with a different concept and can't be valued so easy.Following the specs there are no doubts about the position BUT ,just because it's so new,need to prove itself in a real combat scenario to be really valued.
Following the criteria of the list the first spot is right but in a real war the things could be very different....for now anyone could know the truth.
However, FOR ME, every machine that makes the crew safer is better than others and there are no doubts about the protection of this new tank at least.
If you have different informations or opinion then let me know in the comments ;)

▶▶▶ The classification,as ever,is based on SPECS given from the builder companies and official military websites.

▶▶▶ Here you can find only active and/or delivered machines! No concepts,prototypes or similar!!!

▶▶▶ The machine version considered is ever the latest one delivered in the moment of the uploading.I still can't see the future!

▶▶▶ The images of the video are only demonstrative

▶▶▶▶ Quick link for each machine:

▶▶▶▶ Sources used for the specs:

▶▶▶ Main criteria followed:
Active Protections: 10
Passive Protections: 10
Armor: 8
Ammunitions: 8
Fire Range: 8
Targeting Systems: 7
Latest Upgrade: 7
Secondary Weapons: 6
Gun: 6
Targeting Range: 6
Engine: 4
Speed: 4
Range: 4
Bonus: 5

Total: 100/100 points

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  • Hamradiojf

    11:25 active protection system?

  • Lech Bedkowski

    Dobra... już dawno udowodniono, że liczy się ilość... one wszystkie są lepsze albo gorsze o dx...

  • glarfl

    Your channel literally has everything. Legos, military vehicles, and.....LEGO MILITARY VEHICLES

  • 워로탱 Weorotang

    M1A2 sep V2 vs K2 bpIn yard57% M1A2 win43% K2 winIn mountain35% M1A2 win65% K2 winIn desert?I don't know.

  • Marianne Pompa

    Don't compare the Leopard 2 ( Nato version ) with the T-14 Armata. Rheinmetal alreadyl introduced the Leopard MBT Revolution. It's is a major upgrade to the Leopard 2 and is again superior to the T-14. The Leopard 2 MBT Revolution Upgrade is not only a slight upgrade, but rather a complete renewal. Only chassis and tower remain, everything else hast been changed: the whole interior concept, optronics, guidance-, security- and firing technologie, the communication system and the camera system, the main- and secondary armament and the whole self-procetion system have been completely changed and upgraded by Rheinmetall based on their research. They added the AMAP (Advanced Modular Armour Protection) and the ADS (Active Defence System). They also added a new time programmable ammunition To sum everything up, all the technologie based from the 80s has been rejected. Do you think a country that can't build any decent cars can build tanks? I'm sorry, but the answer is no!

  • ANT

    I can't think of my favourite. Either the challenger, leopard, or abrams

  • Santoso Sant

    Bgmn klau senjata orlikon dipasangkan di tank atau panser TNI

  • arm kaz

    The best test is the part in the hostilities, and showed that in Syria. Of these indicators and need to put a real rating. It's one thing to fight, and another thing to participate in the parade. T-90 proved it.

  • temo ivaniashvili

    and everyone does saying leopard vs challenger long range challenger will hit and destroys leopard has almost same range and good range he has really nice armor speed and gun

  • iooix_xiooi

    lol bm oplot make in 2009

  • Geelar

    Dammmmm that T-14 looks sooo good on paper, decent firepower and a myriad of protection systems at $3.9 Mil? daaayyuuummmmmm!!!!

  • kaan korkmaz

    C1 Ariete similiar to Challenger 2Altay similar to Leclerc

  • CettiK

    PL01 in the end our 🇵🇱 tank 😀

  • Rick R

    The challenger 2 is clearly the best out of the m1a2 and the leopard 2

  • Robert Clolery

    It still depends on who trains the hardest, who gets in place first, who has the best support, and who gets the first rounds off. The fog of war is a killer.

  • christian nilsson

    Swedish leperd has a new steel model that is more ticker and more harder to penetrait see for your self

  • Vladimir Putin

    Very informative video and great explanations. Good work. It see that it must have been very hard to create this list because some tanks are hard to determine if it's better than another. Congratulations from Russia!

  • kempouk

    Leopard 3 will toast all these.

  • fdjw88

    after watching this vid, i still don't know what this ranking is based on.

  • Jakub Borowski

    I like how you have a polish tank as the thumb nail but don't actually have it in the video

  • Marc Verus

    what was that tank on the tumbnail?

  • Vasia Pupkin

    LOL, after I saw T-90 as No. 4, then was clear that the first place will take that shitty fake paperbox rip-off from Object 477, made in 80ies in Soviet Union Kharkiv, now Ukraine. Well done, you idiot.

  • Craig Doran

    Was surprised to see the M1A2 in 6th not so surprised to see the T-90 MS higher on the list. Definitely not surprised about the T-14 ARMATA being #1 it will be amazing to see it in battle, it's nice to see Russia change things up a bit. Do you think it will be mass produced like the T-90 MS, T-80U and T-72.

  • Duffzilla12

    The Challenge 2and M1A2 SEP are better than the Merkava Mk4.M and the T-90 also the Germans are upgrading the Leopard 2A7+ with an 130mm gun to take on the T-14

  • sunder

    markava is the most bad MBT ever

  • darwin ellingson

    I'll stick with the MOST battle tested tank in the field, Abrams all the way.

  • 龙腾

    The parameters are all fake. What about Chinese 99A? What about America?India is also on the list. Russia is also full of pride for the sake of business

  • Brian Ring

    T14 Armata - 150 maybe, M1A2 10,000+. Two Words "Depleted Uranium". The Armata needs to get to 1500m to pen the front of a M1A2. Doesn't matter though U.S air power dominates 13,500 planes, Russa 3500 planes. 10,000 more. U.S Aircraft Carriers - 19, Russia 1. ect...

  • Tristan Bernek

    Why does nearly every tank look the the american Abraham

  • Axel Fenrir1986

    Abrahams in 1979? Amazing

  • The Paradox

    Sorry, but the t-90 is a T-72 in fancy skirts and the T-14 wouldnt work on a battlefield, not one Russian Tank has ever proven itself in combat since 1945

  • leonardosanzo

    you really do not understand Tanks. Type 99A should be the best 3. 你懂个屁。 K-2,10式 == 垃圾

  • Soko Winkler

    German Tanks.....No Comment

  • Naru Amagumo

    I love Black panther's design. Awesome.

  • 悲しい一般人(´;ω;`)

    Type10 No.1!>p<////

  • jonybang

    US tech is better, they can use weapons designed in the 1970's because the world hasn't developed anything better to challenge them. Russian tech is all stolen from one source or another. Even the famous AK-47 was stolen from the German STG44.

  • temo ivaniashvili

    armatas best but leopard beast

  • Inefa

    pretty good video :-) but i am missing the rock music - like in the other videos you have done before :-)

  • iceymoon //animal jam lps and more!

    The m1abrams is alway the best tank of all it is better than all these peices of junk

  • Aslan Ahaev

    1974 t-72 mod aka t-90ms on 5 place? And two dummy prototype on top? Are you kidding me?

  • Dawid Trzpil


  • Seam Ahearn

    Didn't the No1 ranked tank break down on its inaugural debut?

  • Yeatming Lai

    Are you sure South Korea tank better than American Tank??? O.o and the Japanese tank we all know it is totally useless tank but they are number 10??? O.O

  • Stathis Papadopoulos

    Hell a t-14 might be good but theoretically at least a leo2a7+ beats it in almost every way including beuty aemor speed amd firepower as well as electronic systems and no i am not german.

  • Shane Boushie

    The number one tank isn't even in production yet and no one truly knows what it's capabilities are. The M1A2 SEP will run rings around the Merkava and South Korean tank as well as the T-90. Russia doesn't even use the T-90 it is an export tank only. This video is purely personal opinion backed by zero facts.

  • Xsawor

    PL-01 is a light tank.Why is it on the video icon then?

  • Riley Matencio

    Leopard 2a7+ is the best and my favorite tank

  • antigonish63

    The Italian and French tanks all have ten speed transmissions, three speeds forward and 7 speeds in reverse. They also have the rapid deploy white flag system.

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