GO-IN vs FAME || Clan War [Campaign] - Airfield || World of Tanks

GO-IN vs FAME || Clan War [Campaign] - Airfield || World of Tanks

(Uploaded cause Mark wanted a video x d)

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  • Joachim Kahn

    I am a Bob, how many credits did you lose for this match? I am starting to play clan stuff a bit now and was wondering how expensive it is..

  • JΛF

    Fame was really weak we won more than 80% of the games with my clan...but the funny part with these assholes is that when u beat them aggressive they call u yolo noob clan ....and when u play control and win em they call u camping clan FUCKING FAGGOTS MAN!!! They have no respect just a bunch of selfish irogant assholes!!! And that ladies and gends is the definition of FAME clan

  • squee

    Continue posting man, i love your videos, thanks for sharing. We are working our way up in clan ratings and your videos help too. Please dont stop

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