► LEVIATHAN, STOP! - World of Tanks 2017 Halloween Special Event

World of Tanks Halloween 2017 Special Event. World of Tanks Leviathan, 2017 Halloween Special Event. World of Tanks Franken and Stein Gameplay.
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Halloween is here and this time seems like Wargaming did put in a lot more effort. What we get is one special Halloween event, with new game mode and special tanks, together with the mighty Leviathan.
The best part is that you are able to get a lot of rewards from this event and quite easily. :)

But let's see what this event is all about and let's start with the "Onslaught", which is PvE battle vs that monster "Leviathan"!


►Tanks in action:
- "Franken", Special Event Tank
- "Stein", Special Event Tank
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  • dav id jones

    why not make levaithan a ratte

  • FIN-dude

    27th of october is special cause they released assassins creed origins!!!

  • Panda

    this Halloween event is easy money maker... made 800k now

  • Kizari

    I have a feeling that Wargaming will do great at making fantasy vehicular combat game. You know, this and the World of Warships's Hallowen event.

  • mausermonger

    Too bad WOT cannot be logged into today.

  • FLAW

    Who else read Heavy Hilter?! xD

  • tadoxlado

    1:05 i read it "heavy hitlerr reward"lol

  • Beau Beaubien

    DezGamez, the tanks you play as in this event are real tanks. Stein is the FCM Char 2c and Franken is the FCM F1. The Char 2c was designed in WW1 but it did not begin production until 1921 and the F1 was developed in the late 30s but development was stop due to the German invasion of France. Also both tanks are French tanks.

  • diablo speedzl1

    Love how dez has 191 of 192 of his tanks set as primary, wonder which one isn't a primary

  • Mihailo Pisanjuk

    How did you boost your crew skills? I can't get any XP

  • DBone_88 Ken

    I'm loving the HALLOWEEN event it so so epic . It has been so much fun D/Bone88 .. Keep it real my friend....

  • Patrick Drury

    Great vid as always!


    Now they can just add char as tier 6 and the fcm as 7 to make it a longer line

  • killen4aliven

    Of course pc gets the much better tanks console just gets reskins with no other added benefits

  • Will Harvey

    Don't play wot anymore, but these special game modes always bring me back for a few days

  • Kayenen

    I remember those 2 tanks. They were unused French heavy tanks. Perhaps with the new tech tree we might see their return. Much likelier at a lower teir however.

  • MRXrayfire

    What Language are the crewman speaking ? sounds like Italian

  • DezGamez

    Spooky Spooky take that cookie! :)#EnjoyYourWeekendPS! I will upload PvP Mayhem mode episode as well, soon.

  • Nguyễn Minh Hoàng

    Do not touch the Leviathan, it will kill you immediately!!!

  • GGM Grievous

    Wish you are able to get Leviathan and play with it.

  • NoOnionsUK

    Thank you! Just got the kill shot on the LEVIATHAN due to your tips.

  • Blidaru Stefan

    they should pot those in the game as premium tier 5's like a tog 2.

  • Maisterone

    Hey dont shoot Leviathan, its just trying to go through the gate to go to another halloween event in World of Warcraft ...

  • Lucas Gomez

    never get in front of the Leviathan

  • Sarge Marine

    Can you show the end of the world,where you team loses ???

  • toshiro chopper

    i really think that leviathan player have mods

  • Nilez

    The Stein looks like the French Char 2C

  • Gamer GG

    Doesn't hurt that bad? Oh you will see if he gets a clean shot into you.

  • Kayenen

    It would've been cool is the used the pz 1000. Ratte for the leviathan. And gave it a red and black skin.

  • Rafal Sagat

    LEVIATHAN QUESTS NEWS. Hello fellows tankers. I wanted to share useful tips on leviathan. Nobody wrote about it or said it, so here you go ;).1. FRANKEN best for doing quests2. You can delete and select perks as you wish without losing a percentage.3. Surely you have been left alone for the leviathan - choose perks for scout and camouflage, plus anti-reflective coating4. weak points of leviathan - side of turret 1 gun, back of turret 1 and 2 gun, and now important - between the tower and the rear hull there is a triangle with such ribs (there you will penetrate with secondary gun). You welcome, good luck;)

  • Kenneth Burright

    The Leviathan is a mix of American and German engineering.

  • Spugget

    stein look like char 2c

  • Nick Smith

    yeah, no gun depression over the secondary turret

  • KOS762

    LOL Dez... nice first try..... you have right idea, but dont underestimate the fire power of the Levi.

  • Celestino Natale

    You actually don't have to shoot the cracked areas at the Leviathan, you can shoot him nearly anywhere in the side.That counts for the other tanks as well.

  • Watt Waster

    Dang, I don't have the options you do, or such a large collection of tanks to play with. I didn't, as well as others on the teams, find it easy to take out the Leviathan, but did a few times out of dozens of tried.

  • Achaiah Sabastian Cruz

    Didnt u know that stein Was A Char BC it carries 17 crew

  • onebigfatguy

    Gotta hand it to WGing. It looks like they are really trying for a change and it shows. We might save this game yet.

  • Blumac5

    I don't think the intro was stupid...

  • Ethan 321

    That leviathan seems like a pretty good tier 8 premium

  • Ben Flap

    Did you notice that Franken and Stein are tier 8 tanks and Leviathan is a tier 10? Makes sense with the current broken tier 8 mm XD

  • iron okka

    Wait is that stein a char 2c?

  • Tomoko Rulez

    Dude this tank looks sooooooooo cooooollllll 🤣👌

  • Tyler Bell

    Tge leviathan looks like a giant E2

  • ಠ_ಠ

    Nice, double event on my birthday😄


    How do you get two rows of tanks to show like that? I only have a single row. NM, just figured it out.

  • korpakukac

    First 10 battles were fun, now its just cancer with all the retard tomatoes failing

  • Gopnik boy

    Inb4 ratte and kv6 will release as pve bosses in a certain future events

  • MrBkatt

    Silly mode.Dez, you sure this aint april 1st mode? :)


    Whats the reward for halloween missions? Is it worth to do? :)

  • Newcastle 87

    Concealment: UN--...oh this is just unknown.

  • Molni97

    i think this gamemode is too easy... maybe whithout heal :)

  • Sonic the Scout

    they are bothe french tankes

  • N3ON Quartz

    holy shit secondary guns?

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