World of Tanks│World of LoLs - Episode 23

Oh boy oh boy! I'm not dead! Why does noone read teh FaceBewks!

I'm gonna skip the story as to why I didn't upload for 2 months, that's on my facebewk!

I've been trying to put this episode out as soon as I could.
It was sitting cold for a long while, and then I got back to it with the usual editing of 4+ hours per day. Then for the last week I've been pulling all nighters to finish it before the 26th :D!

So now I'm going to focus all my efforts on the next episode:
the Christmas/New year Special (idk bout the name yet hah).
I'm going to be busy this month on some other parts like traveling and outside-youtube work, so it should be an interesting December!

Currently we got 95,692 subs, so I'm also going to see if I can manage a 100K special, with all the work I need to do, It's gonna be a christmas miracle if I can finish all dis shit!
Anyway, enough out of me!
Until next time :D!
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  • Luigi22

    8:50How are guys playing all arty in a "Division"? I cant go into a battle with my arty

  • Matthew Sykes

    Probably because Farcebook sucks monkey turds

  • Stanislav Kos

    Please,record other WoL. I need it.

  • Dylan Moore

    I have played 56,000 games in my O-I

  • Izumi Shion

    I love that Watchmojo scene. Especially since Watchmojo doesn't know how to rate anime.

  • SpitfireMkIIFan

    2:46 damn, those are some sick camera movements!

  • diamondboom09

    blood is redchildren turn purplewhen you squeeze ther necks for an hour or two


    can anyone tell me how to download that music that plays from 1:07 to 4:38 please?

  • Alvin Kurniawan

    Is the intro song Sean & Bobo - Swing it

  • Alexander McLucas

    What country are you dudes and lovely lady are from you guys when you lose your shit it's hilarious.

  • manguys wot pro and watch

  • the mineassassin

    did and one see that the t49 had the Bulgarian flag on its hull!?

  • U.S.A Ball

    mai facebewk died :P

  • ジェームズ Kai38

    RN Jesus: I got yo back my nigga...12 seconds laterRN Jesus: fuck you hoe....leaves

  • Ursa

    First clip aimbot.... just what we need.

  • Canisky_ The_ Tanker

    0:27 look at this montage very fucking beautiful

  • junior sports

    what name music 0:20

  • Fallen Coffee

    Man i really like the edit when the t-62A or t-54 is on the desert and the camera smotthly change any noticed or it is just me?

  • Gabby Jacobo

    OneAndOnly016 your videos are so cool. My opinion is that your a great YouTuber! :D Lol

  • FullPROGames/FPG/

    Realy my favorite part of whole series! 0:20

  • Shane Toscano

    seeing all the old replays makes me sad )':

  • Matu Plays

    When episode 28?????

  • Dylan Martin

    am I the only one that pisses off their friends when I say "LAWD JEZAS" all the time

  • Truc Bidule

    Je suis français et c'est vraiment drôle comment tu te moque de nous 😂 les français qui passe par la mettez le pouce bleu😂

  • Santi Ago

    The first coip was already amazing

  • Yamato

    one of 3 kings is here :)

  • Anastatsija Valentyniskova


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