Super Mario Odyssey: State Pride - PART 25 - Game Grumps

So what's this bout state pride, huh?
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  • solidsnakefovever

    is this the dark souls of odyssey levels?

  • dirty rat


  • Shrapnal13

    Something seams up with Arin:/ he seams less enthusiastic, or something. I don’t know. 🤷‍♀️

  • Alexander Zafiris

    Has Arin ever played Okami? If he hasn't, he would LOVE that game!

  • PyrHead

    Man, boss fights in this game are lame as all hell....

  • firzenion

    i hate florida too, been living here my whole life i'd cheer if someone else said they hated florida too

  • ButtonMasher

    I can safely say that Arin is an idiot after seeing this episode. He seems pretty gullible if he thinks that aspartame causes cancer and 80% of people are allergic to SLS. There is very little scientific evidence to back such claims up, and I'd strongly advise people to not believe the nonsense he's peddling.

  • SuperSonic68

    "I love this game! It's beautiful to look at!"Aaaand that about sums up Dan's contribution to Game Grumps as a whole.'cept for Paper Mario and SotC.

  • Time King Of Gannaby

    I was looking away and was listening to their voices and then I looked back at 2:53 and thought they somehow switched games

  • theFizzyGaming

    dan last episode: “shortening words makes people stupid”dan this episode: “f l e p i c”

  • One Dank PotAto

    Someone's getting confused between Nintendo and Xbox 1:26

  • Andy Wilson

    fucking lividly epic

  • The_djs

    “Warmer climate break up that sense of community”stares intensely at TexasWhat you talkin bout Dan

  • Karen Rader

    this level with the dragon is strangely reminiscent of a particular sonic episode...

  • Yenastuundepaspris55

    Where the hell did Bowser found a 'COLOSSAL Black dragon' ?( 7:30 ) Well... That was the most pathetic dragon I have ever seen being fought. 3 butt stomps and he's out. -_-

  • Red Rivest

    WaitThat shampoo thingIs that why Head and Shoulders makes my scalp burn sometimes

  • HiroHideki

    the warmer parts of the US suck because the homeless stay where it's warmer and so ppl up north don't see such an overwhelming amount of homeless ppl and as a result they look at each other more as ppl than potential burdens. that kind of thinking really stimulates a kill or be killed kind of mentality.

  • hitmonmaster

    Gamegrumps are way coolMario fought a dragon It's snowing in mount fuji

  • Shane Starrette

    You can have my purple Koolaid when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!

  • Anime Fan

    That Dragon battle might be one of the most awesome battles in Mario history, in my opinion, cause that shit was very like Zelda-ish or some other kind of fantasy game11:31 - Damn, I remember when Dan first said that exact same line

  • Vordaq

    Aw wtf is a fuckin straight up dragon doing in a mario game? Not even a little cartoony? That's the road Sonic games took Nintendo. What are you doing?!

  • Rayel Royal

    Three cats? I thought Arin and Suzy only had two?

  • Arnav Kumar

    11:22uh, yes, tickets for one please

  • Madame Fluffy

    Have to disagree with you, Dan. I originate from a very cold climate (East Coast - Canada; warmest day in the year doesn't get above 85); and, like Arin's viewpoint on his hometown, my hometown doesn't have that sense of brotherly love, either. BY and large, they're very elitist - if you're an outsider, not French, not middle class or higher, not catholic and - God help you - not white; you're less than dirt in their eyes. The only times they'll welcome people who don't fit their ridiculous criteria is if the outsiders have money - and even then, their hospitality is entirely fake.It's a shame, too - the area itself is breathtaking. (honestly - if you ever finds yourself in Canad'a country side, do the Cabot Trail).

  • Mortalia 2064

    Yeah no Florida sucks

  • Commander Ange

    I moved from Florida to Georgia. Even being one state away is a fucking blessing. Florida suuucks.

  • Aerius Astrum

    Go anywhere in the UK and the 'this place sucks' line will result in unanimous agreement and cheering.

  • Tyler Hassey

    Fuck,you guys made me pause the video just to check if my hair is falling out...and apparently it is

  • Normal Man

    Yeah it truly does suck here in Florida

  • Skyler Brown

    Spongebob: “Hey Patrick, wanna know what’s funnier than 24? snicker Patrick: “What snicker*?” Spongebob:”*2222555*” *They both laugh

  • Eugene Black

    "i'm a little princess in my house."

  • Cody Goodwin

    When did this game become dark souls

  • venomx99x

    i didnt know drangleic is a zone

  • Rhino Head

    A "fort" every "night"? hmm..

  • Nina M.

    Floridians are the only people allowed to hate Florida because we live here and deal with its bullshit, similarly to other states and countries and areas. Non-Floridians cant come here and say they hate it to be funny because they dont really have a reason to hate it. Youre free to have your own opinion but you cant use it as a quip unless you have what im going to call "florida rights" to do so, meaning this place has been your home at some point. I feel like this applies to other places but i cant say for sure. No one wants a foreigner coming to their home and saying they hate it, thats just rude ya know

  • i7887

    Apparently Arin and his dumb wife are both retarded

  • Francisco Estrada

    I'm new to your channel

  • Avid Writer

    I live in NY, I hate NY

  • Avid Writer

    The contrast of hyper-realistic Dragon and Mario.

  • Noah Caelum

    When did MArio become Dark SOuls?

  • Work–Man IceHammer

    Unrelated, but I CAN'T get over Silver saying “That's a BIG ASS!” I feel like it's ALWAYS Silver. . . Like when Arin thought he said DICK WHIP! in ‛06. . . But the Big Ass 1 was more justifiable because he said Big “Ask”, which sounds more similar to “ass” than “Dick Whip” to “This Will” does

  • Blue Phoenix 20045

    I love how he pressed the wrong button so many times...only on Gamegrumps will you see this type of game play😂

  • Destruction Mayhem

    My favorite capturable enemy is in Bowser’s castle. The little bird with the needle nose. Is it a humming bird?

  • Nicholas Steel

    Dan (mid-conversation): It's a- HOLY SHIT!

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