World of Tanks || Roy the Boy

World of Tanks - Emil II. Today MoshiMoshiRoyMustangDesu is going to have their work cut out for them - it looks like a job for "Roy the Boy"!

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QuickyBaby's FAQ


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code "QUICKYBABY4WOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!
  • Katazzy

    1:32 The wiki states that this is only true for premium APCR, not for stondard, even though I don't how old this info is.

  • Roy Fields Jr.

    that's my name roy

  • Seymur M-li

    Тhis hаck tооl is сrаzy its on gooоglе hеre =>еаааted bу russiаn hаааассссkеrs........

  • rick harris

    3:10 🚨Salt Detected🚨

  • Ben Hamrick

    If you look at the map of mountain pass it looks like snoopy with a hairdo.

  • Joshua Lange

    wish the 2 key of every wot player would explode

  • Pug Ster

    Quickybaby exadurated the SUPER HEAVY Maus but it is a Super heavy

  • Jean Alexis Flores Alarco

    it is something strange how reticle moves when he kills that t28 prot.

  • treiz

    QB obviously doesn't know what you get when you add Nina to Alexander. ..Feels. You get feels. >.<b

  • ace tanker pro 1999

    wow amzing game play

  • Nathaniel Soss

    Can we take a look at the 8:00 mark? What triggers the music in World of Tanks? The music there seems oddly perfectly synched to when enemy tanks were approaching and then stopped as soon as they were killed. Could the music in World of Tanks be secretly synched with the proximity of enemies to your tank?

  • Lauris R

    Is this swedish Tanks too often?

  • Christopher Adam

    i did 288 with the is-6 thats more stupid lol

  • World of Tanks Replays

    seen this gameplay ... without xvm :)

  • Luke Canty

    Can't wait to see your analysis and opinions of the Anime tanks.

  • Viktor Reznov

    arty fucking ruins this game

  • ZXomegaXAN

    3.33s shell reload isnt really bad... thats the standard for most high tier autoloaders in WoT Blitz, like the T57 Heavy, or the AMX 50 B. Also I LOVE the T57 Heavy in Blitz...

  • Shaista Patel

    JUSТ АWEЕSОМЕEЕ tool. RЕАLLY WОRKКS, I Gоt 20.000 Gоld!!its оn gооgleееe hеrе =>

  • Xenata 109

    Lol QBs face just before he starts talking.. Rarely have i seen a happier face in my entire life 😂

  • Việt Hưng Channel

    Moshi moshi is "Alo - when u take a call" :v

  • ZuR1ch

    how did he manage to get spotted at 3:45

  • Teodor Kostov

    AIM BOT!!! Roy the bot!QB, instead of commenting on a reply, at least look at it first. This video has to go directly to WG report page.The most obvious parts:1) The kill of T28 - second shot was aimed completely away from the tank.2) Aiming automatically on the Conway engine.3) The fight with M40/M43.When you start looking you start seeing how MoshiWhateverBulshit can pull off snapshots and fires on enemies.

  • Ake Ionita

    Hey guys, in Ranked Battles QB XVM does not work, anny solutions? Thank you!

  • Coalesence Connor

    can u do more lower tier tank replays

  • Lukáš Skladaný

    I added 4444th like, what I won?

  • Flash Fire

    theres this guy, then theres me.does some damage on like 2 tanks, dies...this was a good game for me;-;

  • Di Di

    QB dnt know ROY MUSTANG...noob

  • gridlok

    you see that at about 3:50 he was behind a mountain and got spoted when he was not even near any tanks or where anybody could spot him wow that's a mess up on the game......weird

  • RagingDERPY

    he's gotta low incredibly low.....QB-2017

  • _S_W_A_T_

    Replay shows how retarded NA players are...

  • meryiem yahya

    Hi Finallу found woooоt gоld glitсhits on googlеeee herе => JUST AWЕEESOMEЕ. REALLY WORKS, I Got 20.000 Gold!!Whoоpe!


    Hеy whааt a niссе gold hасk sitе, likееее аnd sharе ;)its оoоn gооglе hеrе =>

  • remington351 8:11 Grille is 29m away and RNG shoves Roy's shot into the dirt. The reason I quit WOT with stupid 25% RNG right there boys!!

  • BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    When the O-1 exp, O-1 and the other Oh so fake Japanese came into the game I put forward the new tier 5 Australian tank: Tier 5 Australian tank• Solid armor min 1.5 meters• 457 mm British naval gun 2 second reload 0.01 accuracy 1.4 meters of penetration and zero aim time due to Cowra Breakout.• 85 km/h with a half horsepower victor lawnmower engine and a 3 gee acceleration ... Because reasons ( and the O-1 exp can)• 2 km view range I drew a picture of this and as with the Japanese tech tree, therefore it is real and should be included.See the new Japanese Fakes ASIA server...

  • Cabilis66

    I got a massive woody watching him smoke those 3 in a row....

  • TRG

    basically he is a weebo

  • Pratik Nath

    why cant we comment on the Nameless new tank in asia, in your video??

  • M4sterBates

    lemme guess. op tank, bad enemies, super lucky snapshot and good RNG.

  • MrSwiftblade

    Great game, nice use of ammo.

  • Per von Harke

    Lol at the start you cant see IX bye the Team list (not when Tab is pressed )

  • TreyDay

    at least that maus fired normal ammo which is rare these days..

  • Kimera

    Roy mustang was on lit in that game. Get it? :')

  • Marc van Altena

    quickybaby i am a huge fan of you, keep going men

  • Kraftsman Sheng

    the packed camo net on top of the turret made the tank looks so ugly , otherwise it would have been an awesome looking tank, what's wrong with WG's tank's Aesthetic department??????

  • Mrsirr

    Can't make sparks with wet gloves Roy.

  • ParadoxTN

    can someone buy me a skorpion g

  • Mac Wack

    QB are you shure that 3.33*4 = 10? at 6:40

  • Quil Kibak

    "2.8 seconds isn't a bad aimtime" lol, what are you smoking

  • _ Niinja _

    if u could check my replay i would appreciate it :)

  • Ma Mike

    @QB, you doesn't pronounce the "U" in desu...

  • Geezer Warrior

    QB do you have any vids showcasing a tanker going "all natural", or "clean" i.e not using Skill Rounds/WIN8 Rounds, and actually having an awesome battle?Just curious, but keep up the good work.Battle On!

  • VeryFatSnorlax

    is it goo to get spotter in a mostly stock luchs at tier 5???

  • ZGuy0fSci

    so tldr, "When in Doubt, 'Press/Pay 2 Win.'"Seems legit? ,link for game. Dreadnought

  • Timo Jaakko Järvenkylä

    I like moshis play style, little risky(arty could have taken him when encountering mouse) but still carrying the team without (idiotic) killing himslef. tha quick for this

  • Érchegyi Dávid

    Power/weight ratio is irrelevant without the information of ground resistance just saying :)

  • Bojan Milosevic

    why im always stuck on rock like dude at 11:10.....

  • George Preston

    Some bad marksmanship in this game though.

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