World of Tanks || Roy the Boy

World of Tanks - Emil II. Today MoshiMoshiRoyMustangDesu is going to have their work cut out for them - it looks like a job for "Roy the Boy"!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  • Coalesence Connor

    can u do more lower tier tank replays

  • rick harris

    3:10 🚨Salt Detected🚨

  • Lukáš Skladaný

    I added 4444th like, what I won?

  • MrSwiftblade

    Great game, nice use of ammo.

  • Schnittwin


  • emman 09481556443

    Hi quickybaby! can you do a review about the new JAPANESE premium VIII tank, which are ELDERLESS & NAMELESS because i'm looking forward on getting that tank which have a unique look.

  • Jean Alexis Flores Alarco

    it is something strange how reticle moves when he kills that t28 prot.

  • _S_W_A_T_

    Replay shows how retarded NA players are...

  • Érchegyi Dávid

    Power/weight ratio is irrelevant without the information of ground resistance just saying :)

  • Seymur M-li

    Тhis hаck tооl is сrаzy its on gooоglе hеre =>еаааted bу russiаn hаааассссkеrs........

  • ZuR1ch

    how did he manage to get spotted at 3:45

  • Lauris R

    Is this swedish Tanks too often?

  • Viktor Reznov

    arty fucking ruins this game

  • remington351 8:11 Grille is 29m away and RNG shoves Roy's shot into the dirt. The reason I quit WOT with stupid 25% RNG right there boys!!

  • _ Niinja _

    if u could check my replay i would appreciate it :)

  • Kraftsman Sheng

    the packed camo net on top of the turret made the tank looks so ugly , otherwise it would have been an awesome looking tank, what's wrong with WG's tank's Aesthetic department??????

  • Xenata 109

    Lol QBs face just before he starts talking.. Rarely have i seen a happier face in my entire life 😂

  • BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    When the O-1 exp, O-1 and the other Oh so fake Japanese came into the game I put forward the new tier 5 Australian tank: Tier 5 Australian tank• Solid armor min 1.5 meters• 457 mm British naval gun 2 second reload 0.01 accuracy 1.4 meters of penetration and zero aim time due to Cowra Breakout.• 85 km/h with a half horsepower victor lawnmower engine and a 3 gee acceleration ... Because reasons ( and the O-1 exp can)• 2 km view range I drew a picture of this and as with the Japanese tech tree, therefore it is real and should be included.See the new Japanese Fakes ASIA server...

  • Ma Mike

    @QB, you doesn't pronounce the "U" in desu...

  • Roy Fields Jr.

    that's my name roy

  • ZXomegaXAN

    3.33s shell reload isnt really bad... thats the standard for most high tier autoloaders in WoT Blitz, like the T57 Heavy, or the AMX 50 B. Also I LOVE the T57 Heavy in Blitz...

  • Flash Fire

    theres this guy, then theres me.does some damage on like 2 tanks, dies...this was a good game for me;-;

  • M4sterBates

    lemme guess. op tank, bad enemies, super lucky snapshot and good RNG.

  • World of Tanks Replays

    seen this gameplay ... without xvm :)

  • CyberMaroon

    APCR only loses penetration faster if it's gold ammo, QB. If it's standard ammo the dropoff should be the same as AP, although it still suffers lower normalisation.

  • Bojan Milosevic

    why im always stuck on rock like dude at 11:10.....

  • Paradox TN

    can someone buy me a skorpion g

  • George Preston

    Some bad marksmanship in this game though.

  • Luke Canty

    Can't wait to see your analysis and opinions of the Anime tanks.

  • TRG

    basically he is a weebo

  • Joshua Lange

    wish the 2 key of every wot player would explode

  • Katazzy

    1:32 The wiki states that this is only true for premium APCR, not for stondard, even though I don't how old this info is.

  • ZGuy0fSci

    so tldr, "When in Doubt, 'Press/Pay 2 Win.'"Seems legit? ,link for game. Dreadnought

  • Việt Hưng Channel

    Moshi moshi is "Alo - when u take a call" :v

  • Kimera

    Roy mustang was on lit in that game. Get it? :')

  • Pratik Nath

    why cant we comment on the Nameless new tank in asia, in your video??

  • Marc van Altena

    quickybaby i am a huge fan of you, keep going men

  • ace tanker pro 1999

    wow amzing game play

  • Pug Ster

    Quickybaby exadurated the SUPER HEAVY Maus but it is a Super heavy

  • Geezer Warrior

    QB do you have any vids showcasing a tanker going "all natural", or "clean" i.e not using Skill Rounds/WIN8 Rounds, and actually having an awesome battle?Just curious, but keep up the good work.Battle On!

  • Di Di

    QB dnt know ROY MUSTANG...noob

  • Teodor Kostov

    AIM BOT!!! Roy the bot!QB, instead of commenting on a reply, at least look at it first. This video has to go directly to WG report page.The most obvious parts:1) The kill of T28 - second shot was aimed completely away from the tank.2) Aiming automatically on the Conway engine.3) The fight with M40/M43.When you start looking you start seeing how MoshiWhateverBulshit can pull off snapshots and fires on enemies.

  • treiz

    QB obviously doesn't know what you get when you add Nina to Alexander. ..Feels. You get feels. >.<b

  • Mrsirr

    Can't make sparks with wet gloves Roy.

  • Quil Kibak

    "2.8 seconds isn't a bad aimtime" lol, what are you smoking

  • Neon Vader

    I think it's stupid the xbox version of world of tanks didn't update the Maus like they did on PC, it needs to get a buff.

  • Shaista Patel

    JUSТ АWEЕSОМЕEЕ tool. RЕАLLY WОRKКS, I Gоt 20.000 Gоld!!its оn gооgleееe hеrе =>

  • Ake Ionita

    Hey guys, in Ranked Battles QB XVM does not work, anny solutions? Thank you!

  • Cabilis66

    I got a massive woody watching him smoke those 3 in a row....

  • [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    It is quite entertaining to hear QB say ''Moshi Moshi'' and ''Desu''

  • TreyDay

    at least that maus fired normal ammo which is rare these days..

  • Timo Jaakko Järvenkylä

    I like moshis play style, little risky(arty could have taken him when encountering mouse) but still carrying the team without (idiotic) killing himslef. tha quick for this


    Hеy whааt a niссе gold hасk sitе, likееее аnd sharе ;)its оoоn gооglе hеrе =>

  • gridlok

    you see that at about 3:50 he was behind a mountain and got spoted when he was not even near any tanks or where anybody could spot him wow that's a mess up on the game......weird

  • snorlaxstick gaming

    is it goo to get spotter in a mostly stock luchs at tier 5???

  • RagingDERPY

    he's gotta low incredibly low.....QB-2017

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