DiRT Rally - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Gameplay

"DiRT Rally - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Gameplay" no description available.
  • Marcus Stefan Tañedo

    Thats some good shifting for a Sunday drive. But maybe a bit too early for rallying lol

  • Beat Zone

    the perfect rally game ! hard like richard burns rally and beautiful like need for speed

  • p2q3klla

    is posible to change wheel to left?

  • Zamppa86

    You are a bit slow in the hairpins but otherwise very well driven :)

  • Glapsou

    You shift up too soon ;)

  • Leslie Nagy

    one of the best car. :)

  • Asithan Supendran

    I just bought this game for 10 Dollars

  • LarDiaTor lars

    is the online part, devided so you dont try to beat a time someone set using a wheel? cause wheel wins over controller, everytime

  • Chakib Tsouli

    I'm curious why you don't use handbrakes. You're a bit slow in hairpins.

  • sim lover

    dam that was intense very good driving on a tight track

  • Menos_Ocho Wrc

    what it's the stage?

  • Kel

    The engine sounds are the best a game can offer. Rugged authentic turbo sounds and engine notes.

  • Johny Prondz

    I didn't think you were going to mess up at all; that ONE wall swipe though. Great video!

  • Carlsberg Crazy livin C

    driving with wheel and its not easy to get at 1st

  • Marcelo Túlio

    Damn you're good

  • evarno

    my DiRT is 62% atmcant wait!

  • MojoPicon 172

    realistic driving sound unrealistic eniger looks like a ford mk2 jeje

  • X2gamer2X

    Perfect rally..!!good vídeo..!!

  • sisi ino

    The timing of the hand brake is very coarse . It can be regarded as driving that have been swayed by machine .

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